DIY Face Serum

By Aniela / December 6, 2016

This DIY face serum is super easy to make and benefits all skin types including dry skin, acne prone skin, and especially aging skin. The DIY face serum is super easy to prepare, is all natural, and only contains 3 ingredients! Because this serum contains only essential oils, make sure you choose a good, organic brand. Don't cheap out on your essential oils because a little goes a long way and they'll last you forever!

Homemade Face Serum



There are many different essential oils you can use in place of the ones I used, but in all honesty, I've tried MANY different combinations and for me, personally, this 3-essential oil combination works best! I have a few fine lines, as well as the occasional (ok maybe more often!) pimple, and  an oily T-zone, so I believe that my skin type falls into the most common one. Therefore, this DIY face serum works best for acne prone aging skin. It can't get any better than this!

You'll Need:

I usually make about 4oz at a time, and this stuff lasts me for 6-8 months using it every morning and night. Best of all, all of these oils only cost me $20, so it's much cheaper than any serum you can buy and also much more effective.




  1. In a clean dropper bottle, pour in the argan oil about 1/2 way. So about half of the dropper bottle will be filled with the argan oil, which is your carrier oil.
  2. Then, pour in your rosehip oil almost to the top.
  3. Then, top off with your lavender oil.
  4. Use a stirring stick and stir for a few seconds so all of the oils are mixed.
  5. Use this serum every morning and every night for flawless skin.

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