How to Give Yourself the Perfect Pedicure

By Aniela / October 27, 2016

With summer in full swing, it's crucial that your feet and toes are in tip top shape! And what better way to relax on a lazy night than with an at home pedicure spa? So how to give yourself the perfect pedicure? I'll show you!

Perfect Pedicure Tutorial

1. Remove Any Old Nail Polish

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but it's actually very important. Removing any old nail polish not only lets your nails breathe for a while, but also reduces the risk of staining them. It's very important that you take occasional breaks from your polish and let your toe nails go commando!

2. Get Your Water

Either fill a basin with hot water (as hot as you can, but don't burn yourself!) or sit on the edge of your tub (feet submerged). I like to fill a basin and place it right in front of my couch so I can sit and watch TV while my feet soak! Next, grab about a half a cup of Epsom salts, a few drops of essential oil (optional, but I love using lavender), and some body wash. Mix that all into your water and soak your feet for about 10 minutes.

3. Get Your Tools

After about 10 minutes, remove your feet from the water and pat them dry. Start by pushing your cuticles back with an orange stick. If you don't have one, they're very cheap and come in every single pedicure case. If you have cuticle remover, put that onto your cuticles first and let that sit for a couple of minutes – this will make it much easier for your to push them back. Then, trim your cuticles with a good pair of scissors. Next, clean the sides of your toe nails using your orange stick (especially your big toe…there's a lot of gunk in there yuck!). Also clean the inside of your nails! Next, get your file and start filing down to whatever size/shape you'd like. I like to keep mine square:). If your nails are too long, grab your scissors and cut as much as you'd like.

4. Smooth

Get yourself a pumice stone. It lasts forever and sloughs away dead skin cells and rough patches like nothing else. Go in back and forth motions on your heels and the balls of your feet, scrubbing away at the hard parts of your feet. Do this for a few minutes until you feel your feet are beginning to smooth out.

5. Soak Again

After you've cut and cleansed, put your feet back into the soak for an additional ten minutes. Just sit back and relax at this point!

6. Finishing Touches

After your 10 minutes have elapsed, take your feet out and pat them dry with a clean towel. Apply a good, thick lotion to your feet and pull on a pair of socks to really seal in that moisture. This step is very important as you've scrubbed your feet hard and now they need moisture back, otherwise, they'll be flaky. If you can, try wearing your socks for several hours or even to bed (I know – it's hard!).

And that's it – you have the perfect pedicure right at home. You didn't have to spend money, and you got to watch your favorite Netflix show all at the same time. Don't forget to give your nails a break from nail polish!

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