How to Get Rid of Underarm Bumps – 5 Natural Ways

By Aniela / August 16, 2017

Trying to find out how to get rid of underarm bumps? We've got 5 all natural ways for you!

If you suffer from razor burn on your armpits, you know how unsightly and painful it can really be. Constant shaving of the armpits leads to ingrown hairs which in turn leads to irritation, bumps, and itchiness. And if you don't exfoliate and detoxify your armpits on a regular basis, this problem can only get worse.

Today we'll show you how to get rid of underarm bumps the natural way so you don't have to be afraid to lift your arms up or wear a tank top ever again!

How to Get Rid of Underarm Bumps the Natural Way

#1. Aloe Vera

aloe vera for underarm bumps

Alove Vera is one of the most soothing and healing plants you can use not only for cuts, but also for irritated skin such as bumpy armpits. Its soothing properties reduce irritation, pain, and redness. This is a great alternative for anyone with sensitive skin, as aloe vera is naturally healing.

#2. Cold Compress

Just like a cold compress works to reduce inflamed areas, it also works to reduce redness, itchiness, and bumps. When hair grows, it pushes out of the skin, which can sometimes lead to ingrown hairs and irritation. A cold compress can soothe the area and prevent future ingrowns.

  • Wrap a few ice cubes in a cotton towel.
  • Apply the towel to the affected area and hold for 2 minutes.
  • Remove and re-apply for another 2 minutes.
  • Repeat the processes as needed.

#3. Coconut Oil

coconut-oil for underarm bumps

The complex fatty acids and vitamin E in coconut oil work to soothe and moisturize irritated areas. Make red bumps disappear with the soothing and moisturizing properties of coconut oil.

  • Take 4 tbsp of coconut oil and using a cotton ball, apply to the armpits.
  • Let sit 10-15 minutes or even overnight.
  • Rinse with cold water and pat dry.
  • Repeat daily until rash has dissipated (about 1 week)

#4. Lemons


The antibacterial properties of lemons help to kill bacteria that caused the rash in the first place. Also great for underarm pimples, lemons can also lighten dark armpits as well as dark elbows and knees.

  • Rub a slice of lemon directly onto the armpits or use lemon juice dabbed onto a cotton round.
  • Let the juice dry completely.
  • Rinse with cold water and pat dry.
  • Repeat once daily for a week.

#5. Hot Compress

If you have itchy, very irritated armpits, a hot compress will do the trick as it will soothe and calm irritated skin. If you have sensitive skin, simply use warm water.

  • Soak a cotton towel in hot water and apply to the armpits.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes.
  • Repeat once a day for a week.

Some Important Information:

For those who use a razor blade on a regular basis, irritation, bumps, redness, and armpit pimples can be quite common. Be sure to replace your razor at least once a month to avoid bacteria buildup.

Always make sure to apply a thick layer of shaving cream before you shave. Skipping shaving cream can lead to red bumps and irritation, not to mention ingrown hairs.

Think of switching to a natural deodorant. Although they're not as strong as commercial deodorants, a natural deodorant can prevent armpit lumps, breakouts, and ingrown hairs.

Apply tea tree oil to the underarms on a regular basis. Tea tree essential oil fights off bacteria and fungus, and also cleanses the area. This will prevent breakouts, bumps, redness, and irritation.

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how to get rid of underarm bumps

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