Remove Blackheads In Only 10 Minutes

By Jenni / November 19, 2018

Its time to get rid of the pesky, unwanted dark spots once and for all. This scrub is the absolute best for reversing blackheads and other blemishes that just don't seem to go away no matter what we try. Blackheads make our skin look dirty and clog our pores to bring us pimples and irritation. They are made of dust and dirt that fly around in the air like little particles and get stuck in our pores. Excess oil and sebum also clog our pores and gives us itchy, unforgiving black and white heads that can seem almost impossible to get rid of. Thankfully, there ARE ways to remove blackheads, and this particular remedy can do so in under 10 minutes!

How to Remove Blackheads Completely in Only 10 Minutes:

blackheads before and after

You'll Need:

  • 1 tsp Toothpaste Pretty much any toothpaste you have at home will work. One that is made for ‘deep cleaning' would be best.
  • A few drops of warm water
  • 1 tsp baking soda – A natural exfoliant as well as a deep cleanser and bleaching agent.


  1. Mix the toothpaste and baking soda together with a few drops of warm water.
  2. Wash your face thoroughly with your favorite cleanser and warm water before applying the paste.
  3. Apply the paste to the desired area.
  4. Gently scrub with the toothbrush for a minute or two.
  5. Wash with a soft soap and rinse with cool water.


Once done, let the skin air out and rest. After a few minutes, apply a smooth moisturizer.

Your pores will be tiny and you will have brushed away most of the protruding blackheads. This paste is also great at disinfecting the area as well as preventing future breakouts.

Disclaimer: the baking soda is a strong substance and can cause irritation to sensitive dry skin. Please test on a patch of skin, use with caution and wash off or discontinue use if any unwanted burning or reaction occurs. Do not leave on for long periods of time.

If it works for you, share with your friends! 

Remove Blackheads

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