3 Tips For Long Nails

By Jenni / November 17, 2018

Our nails are fragile and need the proper care if you want them long and beautiful. They are made of keratin, a protein that is responsible for all the hair on our bodies. Just as we need to take good care of our hair by applying oils and staying away from products that are harsh and full of chemicals, we must do the same for our nails. Our diet also plays a big role in how tough our nails get but that's a whole other subject too extensive to get into today! Here we'll talk about 3 very important tips for long nails that will have give you the longest, strongest, and healthiest nails you've ever had!

3 Tips for Long Nails

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A good way to keep your nails looking fresh and sturdy is to apply oils like olive or coconut. They are both notorious for all the vitamins, minerals and essential fats which help the nails grow longer, quicker. They also provide a good base for your nails to  rebuild its outer layer and keep them protected from the daily tasks that can cause damage such as cleaning with harsh chemicals or even simply washing the dishes. To get the most of your olive or coconut oil, simply rub a small amount into the cuticles before bedtime and leave on until the morning. Do this every night before bed and you'll notice stronger, longer nails in no time!

2. No Picking

Picking, biting and scraping all do lots of damage to the nail and nail bed as well as the skin around the finger. If you bite your nails or the skin around your fingers, your nails become extra weak because they are more than often wet with saliva. The acids in your saliva actually corrode your nails and skin and make you more prone to breakage and infection. Its also super nasty as your fingernails hold lots of bacteria which can cause you to get sick and even hurt your teeth. So if you want long, strong nails, keep them away from your mouth!

3. Stay Away from Acrylics and Over Painting

Now I'm no saint when it comes to nail polish but I have always avoided acrylics. They may look nice for a week or two but when it comes down to how they're actually harming the nail bed, it's definitely not worth it. Nails are stunned and cannot grow freely because of the plastic, glue and chemicals. When your nail beds become too weak, a slight tug or pull could rip off the whole nail and we all know that's the last thing we want to happen.

Painting your nails is sometimes a must but you shouldn't always have color on. Polish makes them yellow and weakens them as they are constantly exposed to more chemicals and no fresh air. There are some polishes that have nutrients like vitamin E oil or some minerals like biotin which keep the nails strong. If you're going for a full on paint job, I'd suggest one of these.

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Tips for Long Nails
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