Stop Wrinkles Before They Start

By Aniela / March 9, 2009

Today we're going to show you how you can stop wrinkles BEFORE they start! If you're in your 20s or even your early 30s, you might not have noticed wrinkles or fine lines appear yet, but you will soon. Good genes can only take you so far, and after that's it's all mother nature and your biological clock. But if you've got good habits such as eating right, exercising, and staying out of the sun, you can push back the clock. Unfortunately, not all of us can follow that all the time, so here are some things you can do to prevent those wrinkles from even starting up…or at least delaying them for as long as possible.

Stop Wrinkles Before They Start

Oxygen FacialsOxygen Facial

You can get an oxygen facial at almost any spa, and it's actually the secret celebs use to look so luminous all the time. Basically, an oxygen facial will hydrate and exfoliate the skin while pumping in plenty of fresh air which improves circulation, stimulates cell rejuvenation and kills blemish-causing bacteria that hide in your pores.


Although a lot of people are wary about botox injections, it is actually a very safe procedure. Botox injections use small needles to inject a substance into your skin that “paralyzes” the muscles underneath, thus hiding the lines that are forming around the mouth, eyes and forehead. This is only a temporary option, after which you'd have to continually renew the injections to keep the wrinkles at bay. It's fast, painless, and not very expensive either – but just make sure to pick a good doctor.

Facial FillersFacial Filler

Facial fillers are natural fillers made of hyaluronic acid ( a substance already present in the human body), such as Restylane and Radiesse. The shots are given wherever the wrinkles are present and last for about 6 months, after which you have to repeat the process. Just like the botox injections, facial fillers are fast and painless.


An epifacial is not really a facial at all since it is one step below a laser treatment. The process involves turning a bright, intense light onto your skin that fades pigmentation, clears up acne, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It's very quick and painless and an epifacial will take off 10 years in a matter of minutes.

Thermage Non-Surgical Face LiftThermage Non-Surgical Face Lift

This is the newest in anti-wrinkle options on the market to date. This medical device uses radio-frequency technology to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles that formerly could only be reduced with surgery. It works by chilling the skin and then applying tightening energy from radio frequency. It's a little more painful than the rest, but well worth it too.

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