The Correct Way To Remove Ingrown Hair

By Jenni / October 18, 2018

Ingrown hairs have become the common taboo. No one wants to talk about them, yet most of us have them, and they're a bigger pain than we'd like to admit! Well it's time to face the truth and get right down to how to properly remove ingrown hair as well as how to prevent them. They can be embarrassing, ugly, and irritating in so many different ways, and we're here to help you put a stop to them once and for all!

A small hair can get stuck under a thin layer of skin and grow inwards instead of out, as it should. This causes irritation, redness, inflammation, and even pain. If you suffer from frequent occurrences, there could be tons of factors that contribute to the irritations, but to every cause, there is a solution.

How to Properly Remove Ingrown Hair

ingrown hair before and after

Common Factors That May Cause An Ingrown Hair:

  • Shaving while the hair is still too short– Sometimes, this causes the hair to be pushed underneath the already vulnerable skin.
  • Wearing tight clothing- This doesn't let the hair follicles breath or let the hair grow comfortably.
  • Having thick curly hair- Unfortunately for those with thick and/or curly hair, ingrown hairs can be very common. It is harder for the follicle to push out a thick hair than a thin one, hence why they mostly happen around the bikini line and the armpits.

How To Get Rid of Them:

  • Try not to shave, wax or pluck in an area too often.
  • If and when one pops up, apply a warm towel to soften the area and the hair.
  • Then, use a homemade scrub to exfoliate the area in slow, circular motions. Regular exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells, allowing for the top layer of the skin to breathe easier and hence prevent ingrown hair.
  • Finally, use tweezers to gently remove the hair.
  • Make sure to disinfect the area before and after the pulling as it can easily build up to an infection. The swelling and redness should go down in about a day or two. If you want to use some oils or redness reducing cream to lessen the effects quicker, you may but this is optional.

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Remove Ingrown Hair

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