What to do If You’ve Stayed in the Sun too Long

By Aniela / July 31, 2009

Stayed in the sun too long? We've got the answers for you! By now, everyone's heard or read about the unsafe effects that the sun or the tanning bed can have on your skin. Basically, a tanned complexion is now looked at as unhealthy skin. But, that doesn't mean you still can't get a little color. First off, take into consideration your complexion. If you're pale, white, pasty, whatever…the sun is probably not your friend. If you tan easily (meaning you darken, not redden), then it's okay to stay in the sun for no more than 20 minutes at a time. But what do you do when you overstay your welcome in the sun and come out looking beet red?

What to do If You've Stayed in the Sun too Long

1. Get out of the sun

If you see you've turned red or stayed in the sun for too long of a time, get inside. Start by applying cool Aloe Vera gel all over your body. It feels incredible on your skin. I keep mine in the fridge so that when I slather it on, it instantly cools my skin and feels refreshing.

2. Sour cream

sour cream

If you don't have Aloe Vera, sour cream will do the trick. Again, right out of the fridge, sour cream will feel amazing on your hot and parched skin and will heal the redness quickly and safely.

3. If your sunburn is really bad..

( like you fell asleep in the sun for hours and now you're in pain) apply a cold compress to where it hurts most and follow up with Aloe Vera or sour cream. Keep doing this until the pain has subsided.

4. SPF

Applying Sunscreen

Last but not least, stay out of the sun completely until the redness has gone away and if you must go outside, make sure you apply a high SPF sunscreen (at least 40)!

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