11 Beauty Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Now

By Aniela / June 16, 2015

When it comes to beauty and skin care, it's important to follow procedures and make sure you're not making some major no-nos. And while you may think you have everything pat down, there are some things you may have never even thought of. Here, I'll show you 11 beauty mistakes you should stop making right now.

11 Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making

#1. Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

We're all guilty of not cleaning our makeup brushes on a regular basis. Yes, it's annoying and can be a little time consuming, but the bacteria that can grow on your brushes can actually cause a lot of skin problems. Pimples and redness are frequent visitors due to dirty makeup brushes. Also, don't forget that a dirty brush is pretty much a useless one: your makeup won't go on the same way as it would on a clean brush!

#2. Putting Bronzer On Your Entire Face

applying bronzer

You can't just cake your whole face with bronzer to get a darker complexion. If that's what you're looking for, use a self tanner . Your bronzer should only be applied onto the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, chin, and forehead for a subtle glow.

#3. Matching Foundation on The Back of Your Hand

matching foundation

Why, oh why do we do this? After all, you're not going to be applying foundation on your hand, but on your face. So it makes sense that when searching for a new foundation, you apply it to your jawline for a perfect match.

#4. Not Removing Your Makeup Before Bed

removing makeup

Yes, you know it's bad for you but sometimes, you still do it. But did you know that sleeping with your makeup on can actually make you look older, faster? The makeup that is embedded into your skin stretches your skin and eventually, becomes a permanent fixture. So not removing your makeup can not only cause bacteria which causes acne, but can also age your skin faster!

#5. Applying Concealer The Wrong Way

applying concealer

Simply dotting concealer under the eyes is not always the best way to go. Instead, create a triangle shape (as seen in the above picture), to give you a brighter overall effect.

#6. Wearing Waterproof Mascara Every Day

waterproof mascara

Unless you're in the pool all day, sporting waterproof mascara on the daily is actually pretty bad for your lashes. Waterproof mascara is very drying, so it'll eventually leave your lashes dry and brittle. Plus, removing waterproof mascara will also cause some lashes to fall off.

#7. Skipping Base Coat

base coat

If you're wondering why your nail polish only lasts a few days before getting chipped, it's probably because you're skipping your base coat. The base coat helps your polish adhere a lot easier and also keeps it glossy.

#8. Using the Wrong Blush

blush mistake

If your blush looks a little unnatural, it's probably because it doesn't fit your skin tone. If you're using a cream blush, try a powder one instead and vice versa. Also, make sure that next time you're out shopping for makeup, choose a blush that's a little more on the natural side.

#9. Wearing Too Much Foundation

wearing too much foundation

Unless you've got a ton of scars and acne to cover up, there is no good reason for you to cover your entire face in foundation. Simply apply concealer to your trouble areas and leave the rest untouched. It will give you a more natural look as opposed to that mask-like look.

#10. Not Setting Your Concealer

translucent powder

Even if you're using a primer, your concealer could shift throughout the day revealing your deepest, darkest skin secrets that you probably don't want anyone to see. If this happens to you, you're probably not setting it. After applying your concealer, dust on a translucent powder or even baby powder to make sure it all stays in place.

#11. Holding On To Your Makeup For Too Long

old eyeshadow

Guess what? Makeup actually expires! And I know you still have your favorite eyeshadow palette from highschool,  but you seriously need to throw it out. More than likely, it's CAKED in bacteria which causes breakouts! Check out this guide to makeup shelf life and see whether or not your stuff makes it.

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