6 Tricks To Whiter Looking Teeth

By Aniela / June 15, 2015

Getting your teeth whitened doesn't have to mean a trip to the dentist or a ton of dough. NOPE! There are actually quite a few ways you can make your teeth look whiter at home safely, efficiently, and with minimal ingredients. So here are 6 tricks to whiter looking teeth!

6 Easy Tricks to Whiter Looking Teeth

#1. Bronzer


Dust a light layer of matte bronzer along your jawline when contouring. Darker skin will make your teeth appear white in comparison.

#2. Store Teeth Whiteners In The Fridge

whitening strips

Those whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide which, in warm temperatures, doesn't actually work very well.

#3. Eat Your Celery


Or an apple after drinking teeth tarnishing beverages such as coffee. The crunchy, fibrous texture will scrub off any leftover stains and residues.

#4. Vinegar Rinse

apple cider vinegar for hair build up

Rinse your mouth with ACV to remove stains. Mix one part ACV with two parts water and swish in your mouth for about a minute.

#5. Use a Straw

straw in coffee

When drinking teeth staining beverages such as coffee, tea, or wine, use a straw in order to avoid staining. Please note: drinking wine with a straw will get your very drunk, very quickly!

#6. Drink White Wine Instead of Red

white wine

Drink a glass of red for health, but keep stick to white wine the rest of the time since it won't stain your teeth.

These are just a few very easy and simple tricks you can do to make your teeth look whiter…we'll get to the more complex stuff later on! Don't forget to share:)

tricks to whiter looking teeth

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