The One Food That Can Give You Glowing Skin In Just 3 Days

By Aniela / June 16, 2015

If someone ever told you that what you consume doesn't make a difference on the outside, they were seriously wrong. Doctors, nutritionists, and experts alike all agree that it what you put in DOES make a difference on your skin. So, if you're trying to get beautiful, glowing, healthy skin once and for all listen here: because this one food that can give you glowing skin in just 3 days is…SARDINES!

Like Sardines in a Can October 12, 2002

Yes, I said it. SARDINES. You know, the oily little fish that come in tin cans? It's true and we can prove it! Dr. Nicholas Perricone, dermatologist, nutrition expert (he's written many a book!), and anti-ageing guru, recommends to all his patients an anti-inflammatory diet. One of those anti-inflammatory foods that he recommends? Sardines!

Perricone says that by consuming sardines, your complexion will completely change in just 3 days. You'll have the glowing, radiant skin of a model! Gorging on these little fishies a few days before a big event will leave you with a drop-dead-gorgeous dewy complexion.

So Why Are Sardines So Good For Your Skin?

Well believe it or not, they actually contain more Omega-3 than salmon does. They've also got more B-12, protein, calcium, and iron, which can ward off hair loss. The abundance of B-12 helps with eczema, acne, and dandruff.

So what have you got to lose? Get yourself to the store and grab a few cans of sardines- your skin will thank you for it!

food that can give you glowing skin

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