DIY Cucumber Basil Toner

By Aniela / October 19, 2017

We all know cucumber is a healthy vegetable that provides us with many nutrients and vitamins, but did you know that is also provides a slew of benefits when applied topically? Cucumber is packed full of water and vitamin K which can hydrate skin, prevent and minimize acne, and brighten dull skin. This DIY cucumber basil toner is a natural recipe that combines cukes and basil to refresh, tone, hydrate, and brighten skin all at once! Not only that, but because cucumbers are packed with so much water, they also help to shrink pores and reduce blackheads and whiteheads.

DIY Cucumber Basil Toner Recipe

cucumber basil toner

Benefits of Cucumber:

Contains Silica: a rich source of nutrients, silica replenishes dull skin all while tightening skin cells and therefore preventing aging and acne.

Vitamin A: protects against the sun's harmful UV rays and slows down signs of aging, encouraging healthy cell production.

Potassium: hydrates and moisturizes dry skin, and also supports growth of new skin cells.

Water: moisturizes, hydrates, and replenishes skin elasticity. This in turn prevents aging and loose skin.

Vitamin C: exfoliates skin, removing dead skin cells and revealing newer, brighter skin. Reduces inflammation, boosts collagen production, and acts as a natural chemical peel.

Vitamin B12: a natural antioxidant that helps to boost blood circulation and speeds up cell metabolism.



  1. If you have a juicer, extract the juice from the cucumber.
  2. If you don't have a juicer, simply peel and cut the cucumber into small cubes. Then, place in a blender or food processor along with the basil leaves until a smooth paste forms.
  3. Run the paste through a sieve or a cheesecloth.
  4. Pour mixture into a clean spray bottle and add 5 drops of tea tree oil.
  5. Add the rosewater or regular water into the spray bottle and shake well.

How to Use the DIY Cucumber Basil Toner:

cucumber toner

Apply toner to clean skin using a cotton ball.

Dab the soaked cotton ball gently onto skin after cleansing but before moisturizing.

Use twice a day: morning and night.

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DIY Cucumber Basil Toner

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