Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Make Your Own Lip Gloss

By Aniela M / May 22, 2007

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lemon lip gloss

I know what you're thinking! Why would you make your own lip gloss? Well why not? It's fun, it's easy, it's cheap, and all natural. There is nothing better than having natural ingredients on your skin…they really do make a difference!

This lip gloss that you will make today, is a lemon lip gloss. Not only is it extremely easy to make, but it is absolutely delicious! Not to mention that your lips will love you for it as this home made lip gloss will nourish the skin on your lips and rejuvenate them.

Here is what you need to gather to make your own lip gloss.


1 tsp honey

1 tbsp vitamin E oil

1 tsp aloe vera

2 tsp grated beeswax

1 tbsp pure almond extract

6 drops of lemon essential oil


Once you've gathered all the essentials, you can start cooking! Melt the beeswax in a pot or pan, and remove from heat when it's melted. Don't forget to stir constantly-it's very important as the wax can harden up in a matter of seconds if it's not stirred.

While you are stirring, add the honey, the aloe vera, the almond extract, and the vitamin E. Lastly, add the lemon essential oil.

Now all you have to do is apply the lemon lip gloss to your lips. Your lips will feel amazing, look amazing, and smell amazing too!

lemon lip gloss2

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is it shiny? or glossy? is it clear?


do you have any recipes 4 using petroleum jelly??


petroleum jelly
bit of lipstick
essential oil


i love making my own lipgloos at home its so easy and fun for me and my little sister to make i have made my strawberry and plum for my sasy look for me and my friends try it its so much fun.


Is there any recipe that is simpler and use fewer ingredients


i love to make homemade lip gloss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I’m new to the group and I want to learn how to make lip gloss for extra income. and also finding a label company…. any help?


If you can’t be bothered to go out and buy the beeswax and alow vera and other troublesome ingredients then follow this quick and easy lip gloss Recipe!:


3 Tablespoons Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

1 Teaspoon of honey

2 drops of food flavouring; peppermint, strawberry and vanilla are very good.

What to do:
Mix all ingerdients together and put in a small pot or container.



ummmm…somthing more simpler hehe….=)

Mary Beth

Um…… is there anything without honey or that i can make with vaseline and kool aid?


works great I have tons I’ve made ( :

Michelle Borden

I need a science expeirment for school that is fun and easy to do. I LOVE LIP GLOSS

i would love to make my own lipgosses and sell them.

i love wearing lipgloss.

i love lipgloss they make my lips shiney

i would love to make my own lipgloss 1 day


What other recipes are there?


im making lipgloss as a science experiment for class any ideas on what good names are???


You Can also try Petroleum jelly and mix eye shadow with it!!! its ggreat i love to make my own lip gloss and ive sold many amazing and crazy colors of my own lip gloss (that my secert to makeing lip gloss)


hey!!!i made my own gloss…actually….itz like a lipstick(jz the right colour for teen galzz!!!)tz thia lighttt pink colour…anyways wat i did was mixed up dark purple lipstick,lipbalm,and water!!!easy!!!so go get along with it!!!ull love it!!!


anyone know where to get containers for lipgloss???? plz!


thats so cool!


i havent tryed it yet but i am now how exsiting!!!!!!!!!!!


I am ten years old and I have made MILLIONS of lip glosses… you should see my fridge it’s filled with loads of lip balms! I have made different types, as well. Here’s my favourite: You will need – Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly Sugar (brown works best) An old chapstick Something sharp enough to cut the chapstick with. An eyeshadow applicator without the sponge works great. A small pot (I don’t HAVE any, I live in Melbourne so could someone tell me a shop that sells lip balm pots? And plus, you can use an empty bottle cap like I do) Something… Read more »


i don’t know where to get kool-aid from. will any other drink powder work? PLZ TELL ME


You can get kook-aid at so many grocery stores, i usually go to biggs or krogerss!

thats a weird recipe but its cool

imade it and cant stop using it its real good



I love the recipe by Lauren, it makes a lot and its really shiny, but does anyone make one with lots of flavor? Just wondering…

For a base you need Vaseline, for shine you need clear shiny lip gloss, for scent a yum smelling lip gloss or some flavour, and for colour you need a lipstick, eyeshadow or blush or coloured lip gloss. Mix any of these with the base and you’re done!


Thanks you guys for putting your answers on here. I really love make up & making my own is pretty legit. (: Listening to all these different ideas is kinda inspiring to me & it makes me wanna experiment!