The Secret to Longer Lashes and Thicker Brows

By Jenni / October 16, 2018

Nothing beats that sensational look of full brows and long, thick eyelashes. You may have thought that only makeup could get you there, until now. We are finally revealing the secret to longer lashes and thicker brows. Another one of our all-natural remedies, this castor oil, aloe vera mix is perfect for all of us who'd rather know exactly what goes  on and into our skin, or at least be able to pronounce the ingredients!

The secret to longer lashes and thicker brows, explained!

applying oil to lashes

Castor oil has long been used for its laxative abilities, but did you know it actually helps hair grow? It works by stimulating the hair follicles and providing nourishment, therefore accelerating growth. Since it is a rather soft oil, it can be used anywhere to increase the growth of eyebrows, eyelashes, facial hair, and of course, the hair on your head!

This, mixed with a little aloe vera, a.k.a. the Wonder Plant, creates an environment that allows for rapid and expanded growth. The aloe vera has a great blend of vitamins and minerals that contribute to stronger, healthier strands. It also clears your blocked hair follicles of dead skin cells. Both are excellent alone and even better together.


aloe vera gel

  1. Get a small jar and fill it half way with castor oil.
  2. Fill the other half with preferably fresh aloe chunks and use a hand blender to process the two ingredients together. Learn more about how to make your own aloe vera gel!
  3. Apply every night to desired area for a few weeks.

This recipe will work for any area where you'd like to see hair growth including eyebrows, eyelashes, and of course, hair. Be sure to massage in slow, circular motions – this increases blood circulation and also helps with growth!

After a few weeks, maybe even days, you will notice growth, as well as softer and shinier hair. And because you've been using your hands to apply, your nails should also be stronger and healthier!

Finally, the secret to longer lashes and thicker brows has finally come to the surface!

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Secret to Longer Lashes

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