14 Creative Halloween Costumes That No One Else Will Have

By Aniela / September 21, 2017

As September is coming to a close, we're constantly reminded of that one little spooky day in October: Halloween! Stores are filling their shelves with candy for trick or treaters, while party stores are stocking up with all kinds of costumes. Problem is, these party stores costumes are not only super expensive, but they're also pretty generic and just plain boring. If you're looking for something unique though, you've come to the right place! These 14 creative Halloween costumes are not your average party store costumes and you can bet your spooky hat that no one else will have any of these costumes!

14 Creative Halloween Costumes

#1. Snapchat Filter

snapchat filter halloween costume

#2. Eleven From Stranger Things

eleven from stranger things

#3. Jane and Daria

jane and daria

#4. Stylish Pineapple

pineapple halloween costume

#5. Fruits and Veggies

fruits and veggies halloween costume

#6. Fortune Teller

fortune teller

#7. Frida Kahlo

frida kahlo

#8. The White Rabbit From Alice in Wonderland

the white rabbit from alice in wonderland

#9. Orange is the New Black

orange is the new black

#10. Starbucks Drink

starbucks drink

#11. Operation

creative halloween costumes

#12. The Munsters

the munsters

#13. Slices of Pie

slices of pie

#14. Jar of Sprinkles

jar of sprinkles

Images Via: Stylecaster

Have a safe and happy Halloween and don't forget to share this post 🙂

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