22 Boho Outfits You Can Rock This Summer

By Aniela / May 8, 2017

The boho trend is NOT going anywhere this season, but rather it's getting more and more popular. And for good reason too! Boho outfits are fun, comfortable, and evoke memories of a simpler, more care free time. The boho trend looks great on anyone and because it's so colorful, it's perfect for the summer! This season, pick up a few boho pieces and let yourself be free! Choose pieces with lots of muted colors, patterns, fringes, and crochet.

Let's check out these 22 boho outfits you can rock this summer! And don't forget the accessories – when it comes to the boho trend, accessories are one of the most important things! Look for lace up sandals, fringe bags, and colorful bracelets and necklaces. Basically, anything that reminds you of the hippie times – go for it!

22 Boho Outfits

#1. Blue Boho Dress (Our FAVE!)

boho outfits

#2. Flared Pants and Poncho

boho outfit

#3. Sheer Boho Outfit

lace boho outfit

#4. Classic Boho Dress

boho dress

#5. Red Boho Dress

red boho dress

#6. Grey Boho Dress

grey boho dress

#7. Paisley Boho Dress

paisley boho dress

#8. Brown Boho Dress

brown boho dress

#9. Jean Shorts and Boho Top

boho outfit 2

#10. Beach Boho Outfit

boho outfit 3

#11. Long Boho Dress

long boho dress

#12. Mid Slit Boho Dress

red and white boho dress

#13. Bridal Boho Dress

bridal boho dress

#14. Boho Tunic

boho tunic

#15. Colorful Boho Dress

colorful boho dress

#16. Loose Boho Dress

boho dress 4

#17. Beachy Boho Dress

boho dress 5

#18. Short Boho Dress

short boho dress

#19. Beach Boho Outfit

boho outfit 1

#20. Boho Top and Shorts

boho top and shorts

#21. Midi Boho Dress

midi boho dress

#22. Light Blue Boho Dress

beach boho dress

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3 years ago

Beautiful dresses but I never understand why people post photos, without a description of who makes it and where can we buy it.