Different Ways to Wear Leggings

By Aniela / April 23, 2009

If you're one of the millions of people out there that is gaga over leggings, you're in luck because this season they're hotter than ever and they pretty much go with anything. Not only that, but they also come in tons of different colors and fabrics.

Different Ways to Wear Leggings



Wear Leggings With a Micromini

If you have a micromini that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing by itself, leggings are the perfect way to go. Go for bold colors or stick to black – whichever suits you best. If you want to look slimmer, stick to darker colors!

Wear Leggings During Your Workout

There are leggings out there that will actually make you look thinner (think of control-top pantyhose) – there are leggings that do just that. Wear those babies during your workout, or when you're feeling bloated.

Wear Leggings to Show Off Your Assets

If you're on the shorter side, stay away from cropped leggings as they will make you look shorter. If you're heavier on the bottom, choose black leggings paired with a bright top which will attract the attention to your face instead of your bottom area.

Wear Leggings to Impress

These days, you can get fancy, lacy leggings that you can wear to a more sophisticated event. Buy a pair with lace detail and pair with a short dress/skirt or jersey for a chic look. You may need to add a waist belt to balance off the look. Don't forget the heels!

Wear Leggings to Look Edgy

You've probably seen the leggings with the zipper detail at the bottom in stores by now. These will give you an edge without having to try too hard. Wear them with flats during the day and with heels at night.

Wear Leggings to Show Off Your Shoes

Need I say more? Leggings are the perfect item for you to wear when you've got a pair of shoes you really want people to notice.

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14 years ago

this website is awesome but you should add stuff that like tells you the latest fashion or like something that says how to impress a guy you really like and add some stuff where to buy good clothes for cheap.Thankyou for your time!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

Tips are great, but you should add pictures to get a best idea of your tips!!!!