Haute Couture Hats – An Interesting Collection

By Aniela / April 21, 2009

These haute couture hats will seriously make you wanna attend a Royal wedding! Ever since haute couture fashion appeared, people have been fascinated by the collections, as have I. One of the more interesting haute couture accessories are hats. If you've ever seen a fashion show or just browsed through some pictures, you know that hats are big hit and here is a little collection of some stunning haute couture hats that I could never afford!

Haute Couture Hats – An Interesting Collection

Butterfly Hat

butterfly-hatThis Farfalla Nero hat by Marilena Romeo incorporates a modern spin into a classic piece.

Life Sized

black-hatThis dramatic head piece screams class and beauty. This Corinne hat from Christina A. Moore Millinery is made of horse hair, silk, and coque feathers.

Haute Couture Blue

blue-hatThis stunning GALVIN-ized hat is all you need for the summer. Sure it's big, but it makes one hell of a statement.

Lilac Feathers

purple-hatThis lilac fedora hat by GALVIN-ized is the perfect accessory for your haute couture ensembles. I absolutely love this hat – it's not too crazy, but not too boring either.

Pretty in Pink

pink-hatPink just scream feminine and this hat by Marilena Romeo is just the thing to make you feel soft and feminine.

Grass is Green

pink-flower-hatThis pretty, environmentaly friendly hat by Katie Burley is a must for the eco-chic girl. It's earthy, it's lovely, and it's everything you've wanted!

The Mad Hatter

mad-hatterI love this hat so much because it reminds me of the Mad Hatter in ‘Alice in Wonderland' (which is my favorite Disney movie). Every day will be an adventury when you wear this Katie Burley hat.

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14 years ago

Do you know the designers’ names for each hat you posted? I’d like to know who did the ‘Mad Hatter’ design you posted.