Top 10 Ways to Get Beautiful Hair

By Aniela / April 27, 2009

Here are the top 10 ways to get beautiful hair! Your hair is one of the first things people see and so it's very important to make a good first impression. Most of us tend to have bad hair days here and there, but there are tons of ways to fix that and what's even more, you can fix almost any hair problem in the comfort of your own home. So here are your top 10 ways to avoid bad hair and get beautiful, shiny hair.

Top 10 Ways to Get Beautiful Hair


1. A Little Baking Soda Goes a Long Way

Baking soda has been proven again and again to do magic tricks. This time, use it with your shampoo. Sprinkle a quarter-sized amount of baking soda into your palm and mix it with your shampoo. Lather and rinse. The baking soda helps to remove builtup residue from styling products and will also make your hair super soft and shiny.

2. Scratch the Surface

We don't always have time in the am to go for a full wash, blowdry and style. One trick you can do is just wash your bangs and put the rest of your hair in a messy bun or a ponytail. This way, your bangs will look nice and clean at least and the rest is history.

3. Throw in a Bun and a Headband

For those blah hair days where your hair just can't seem to want to stay put, throw it all in a bun and add a chic skinny headband. Your hair will look stylish even though it's a big mess.

4. Volumize

This is a really quick and simply volumizing trick. Turn your head upside down and spray a volumizing hairspray onto the roots of your hair. Add more volume by slowly crunching your mane and flip it back over. It'll give you tons of volume, just make sure you tame the surface.

5. Goodbye Greasy Roots

This is a simple trick you can use anywhere, and it's almost always guaranteed to work. Just sprinkle some baby powder into your palms and work it through your roots. The powder will absorb the oil, leaving your hair super soft and silky.

6. Revamp Your Hair

You know your hair never looks as good as it did the first day you washed it. So here's something that might help you get your hair back to its day of glory. Let's say you washed your hair yesterday, but it's not looking so glamorous today. When you take a shower (today), put on a shower cap. The heat from the shower will make your hair softer and more manageable.

7. Bumpits

Bumpits are little inserts you put in your hair to add volume and depth to flat, limp hair. Just put them in and see your hair transform!

8. Ballerina Bun

For those messy hair days, put your hair up in a pretty ballerina bun, let those fringes go and add a pair of dangling earrings and some lip gloss. This will draw the attention away from your hair and onto your face.

9. Shine Treatment

A shine treatment will work for even the dryest hair out there. Just coat hair with a shine treatment, cover in plastic, leave it on for a half hour and rinse out.

10. Make a Huge Difference

Make a huge difference in your hairstyle simply by moving your part. So if your hair is parted at the middle, try a side part: you won't believe the difference until you try it!

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