Expired Trends

By Aniela / December 15, 2009

Every season, fashion trends come and go, and if you think about it, only a few classic pieces ever stick around. So your best bet is to always stick with classic, ever-lasting items such as pencil skirts, button-up shirts, pea coats, etc. Of course if you're gaga for fashion like I am, you probably like to try every new style out there, which unfortunately, always has an expiration date. But just so you don't stray too far, here's a list of all the expired trends that you should probably put on hold until they make a comeback.

Expired Trends



These things have been popular for a few years now, and it's simply because they're so comfortable. But no matter how comfy crocs may be, they just scream bad taste and ugly shoes. Get rid of them!

Tube Tops/Cropped Tops

cropped top

Ok, so you shouldn't have been wearing small tube tops or cropped tops for some time now, but with 2010 around the corner, why not undergo a radical makeover and step up your wardrobe?



I can honestly say I've never been a fan of capris just because they make me look shorter than I already am. For the new year, keep those capris tucked away!



Although gauchos may be good for when you go to the beach, they're not to be worn on the streets anymore. Instead, opt for something more fashionable like a pair of skinny jeans or tights.

Cargo Pants

cargo pants

I haven't really seen that many people wear cargo pants, but this trend sure has expired a few years ago. Keep the cargo pants for painting, lounging, and working around the house.

Bubble Skirts

bubble skirt

They came and they went, but they didn't stay long. Bubble skirts tend to make you look wider, so why even go for that? Keep them away at least for this upcoming season.

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