Fall 2011 Trends

By Aniela / August 1, 2011

These fall 2011 trends will give you some serious wardrobe envy! I hate already having to think about the fall, but let's face it, September is only a month away and summer is slowly fading away. But at least we have plenty of new trends to look forward to which just gives us another excuse to head out and do more shopping!

This fall season, there's a different vibe going on. Unlike past years, where the arrival of fall announced dark and somber colors, this fall promises a brighter look with the help of bright colors, prints, and tons of different fabrics to please every taste. I've picked some of my favorite runway looks for the fall of 2011, but it's up to you to get inspired by these looks and incorporate them into your wardrobe.


Tons of designers incorporated dots into their looks, including Stella McCartney. I absolutely love this dress, I think it has a really edgy look but with a touch of femininity and tons of curves. Get inspired by picking up a couple of polka dotted pieces such as a dotted button up shirt and pair it with a black pencil skirt.


Rodarte added a touch of color at the end of his fall 2011 show with a pop of red. Very Wizard of Oz inspired, this look totally grabbed my attention. Of course, I would probably just do one red piece and leave the rest neutral. But I must say I actually love the combination of the red blazer with the red skirt, it really goes well together.


The 60s have inspired thousands of trends that even to this stay, still stay strong. Designers also got inspired by this era and came up with a fresh new perspective on a classic and feminine mod look. When looking to copy the 60s look, make sure you incorporate a few 60s pieces such as a tunic, or bell bottoms, but leave the rest fresh and modern.


Lots of designers turned to a more simple and minimalist look like the one above. I love this style because it's so easy to pull off, and doesn't require any accessories! Sometimes that can be a blessing! To pull off this look, just keep everything to a bare minimum, including colors, patterns, and most of all accessories.

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12 years ago

I like the whole touch of colour thing, but red is a bit holidayish. I would got with something like black skinny jeans, white tee, black boots, tan trench coat, and a peach cross body bag.