What to Wear This Fall: The Complete Fall Fashion Guide

By Aniela / October 6, 2015

It's that time yet again: time to start putting away your flip flops, sun hats, and short shorts. It's a time of coziness, but also of fashion fun, because as everyone knows…fall is THE season to show off what you can do. There are layers, and there are boots, and you won't want to miss this fall guide! So what to wear this fall? Here is your complete fall fashion guide straight from the runways! So get ready, because once you've read this post, you'll want to head out to your nearest mall!

What to wear this fall: the complete fall fashion guide.

The Complete Fall Fashion Guide


Ladies…tights are here to stay! They were seen all over the runways, and, just like last year, don't seem to be going anywhere. Which honestly, is perfectly fine with me, as tights are so versatile AND they keep you warm! Stylish, and easy to wear, tights can be rocked in many different styles, colors, and patterns. So don't be afraid to pull out those ripped or leopard print tights – it's all about making a statement!



Super High Boots

Now that's what I'm talking about! The liquid look is on point this year! Find yourself a pair of the longest, over the knee boots you can – the tighter the better! Some of these boots were so liquid that we thought they were tights! Paired with tights, a pair of sequined shorts, or even a mini skirt these over the knee boots will look sexy but without showing too much. Can not WAIT to get a pair!


super high boots


The Skinny Scarf

Long gone are the days of the chunky scarf (ok maybe not!), but the skinny scarf sure made a statement on the runways. The skinny scarf, albeit not as warm and cozy as its thicker cousin, simply adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Think of it more as a “women's tie” than as a scarf. It serves no purpose to keep you warm, but rather, just to keep you fashionable!


skinny scarf


Back to Plaid

Relentless plaid is well…relentless. And as much as I hate to admit it, I love plaid! I don't know why, but there's something naughty and nice mixed with comfort about plaid. It says sexy, but laid back all at the same time, which not many trends do. Also, it screams FALL! This year, red plaid seems to be all the rage, so grab yourself a cute plaid skirt or cardigan and hit to the streets because you're gonna school them!




One Shoulder Dresses

Love em or hate em, one shoulder dresses will always have a place in fashion. It's not because it's anything exciting, but simply because they're flattering on almost every body type! And this doesn't just apply to dresses – oh no! One shoulder tops are also making a return because they're simple, but yet oh so sexy. And also do notice that the “one shoulder” trend this year has been updated…get inspired!


one shoulder dresses


Look Ma' No Hands!

Who needs to see your hands? Nobody! The runways were filled with handless looks, and I must say I definitely AM a fan. There's something very Parisian about this look and just screams sophistication, don't you think? Of course, I'm not talking about wearing your boyfriend's oversized sweater that covers everything – this is feminine and classy – so keep it that way!


no hands


Short Skirts

What is there to say about short skirts other than they're sexy? And when paired with this year's super high boots – sky's the limit! A great look for fall, especially paired with boots, short skirts will also have a place in our hearts. Maybe because they remind us of when we were teenagers –  a more free spirited time. Either way, don't shy away from the short skirt, it'll make a huge difference in your fall fashion repertoire!



short skirts


Ultra High Waisted

This is not your average high waisted – this is ULTRA high waisted! I'm talking about past the belly button high where your legs will literally look a mile long! Not only that, but this style is super flattering on almost every body shape! Long legs, tiny looking waist, and a ton of style!


super high waisted


Grey Suits

Say what you will, but grey suits (especially if you're an office gal), make a bold statement! They're androgynous but at the same time very feminine too…giving you an air of superiority! So don't shy away from the grey suit – it says a lot about you!


grey suits



Why NOT gloves? It'll only get colder and you need to look chic! But these aren't just your regular old gloves. These are way more sophisticated! Elongated, silky, colorful, and just plain awesome – a pair of these will definitely pack a punch to any outfit!




Cuffs, Cuffs, and More Cuffs

Are you seeing a trend here? Elegance and sophistication is clearly in the air with the addition of big, furry cuffs to a cozy winter coat. Not only do they look tres chic, but they also serve a purpose: to keep you warm! You know when fashion does double duty it's serious business! Just remember not to pair with furry boots: only one item at a time please!




Flouncy Skirts

Perfect for the office, or a night out, a flouncy skirt is so much more than meets the eye. It's flirty, it's fun, and best of all, FLOUNCY! So you can twirl around and be reminded of your childhood days when you used to spin around in your big pouffy dress. A much needed upgrade from the otherwise boring pencil skirt.


flounce hem skirt


Comfort Boots

As I've mentioned in an earlier post, rain boots are all the rage right now, as is the same for pretty much all boots – just make sure you keep it low and comfy! Boots can be paired with pretty much anything so let your imagination go wild and see what kind of pairings you can come up with!


comfort boots


Carwash Pleats

At the carwash yeah! Again, skirts are getting a new facelift with funner, flirtier hems! Carwash pleats are definitely a fun new way to wear a skirt, while still being sexy and showing off some leg. Pair with a pair of tights and boots!



carwash pleats


Bling Bling

Go big or go home! Costume jewelry is definitely making a statement this season and the lesson is: the bigger the better! Oversized necklaces, earrings, broches, and even sunglasses! Just make sure to keep everything else simple if you're going to go down this road!




Lady Loafers

This season, designers wanted to show that high heels didn't always have to be in the spotlight! Lady loafers, or kitten heels, were seen all over the runways and although they may look less than desirable at first, just try a pair and see how you feel – I guarantee, you'll love them! Just a little bit of height can go a long way, plus they're perfect for the office!


lady loafers


So what can we gather from this? Simplicity, elegance, sophistication, and fun! It's all about making these work together!

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