I’m the ultimate shoe fanatic and by that I mean that I have so many shoes in my closets, that I’ve literally lost count. Sure, I don’t end up wearing 80% of them, but I still keep and treasure them as a symbol of not only my femininity, but my undying love for shoes. That’s why I’m so pumped for summer to come, since it means I can start showing off my manicure and not to mention my to-die-for sandals. Here are this summer’s hottest shoes styles!

Happy Summer: It’s Time To Show Off Your Pedicure!

Colorful Flats

Yellow Flats

It’s time to show off your pedicure! If you can wear flats, I salute you! I’m very short (5’4) and I love love looove my super-high heels so flats aren’t for me, although I do own a few pairs for the odd occassion. But if you love flats, as you should, stock up on bright, citrusy hues for this summer and pair them with simple dresses and skirts to get a vibrant look and feel.

Boho Wedge


Wedges are basically cheating heels. They’re high, super comfortable and super cute. This summer, pick detail-adorned wedges with earthy tones, patchwork and natural fabrics. Pair them with linen fabrics, jeans, or any type of skirt. These babies will work with anything.


Gladiator Sandals

I love gladiator sandals because they add so much sophistication to any outfit. Get a couple of pairs in gold or silver metallic as well as nude. Gladiators look best with jeans, skirts and beach wear.

Spicy Heels


If you work in an office setting, powerful, red heels are the way to go. They don’t necessarily have to be too high – just a tiny heel is enough to complete your outfit. Choose heels with rich textures and powerful colors.

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