How to Wear a Waist Belt

By Aniela / July 2, 2007

There are so many ways that you can wear a waist belt- but there are also right and wrong ways on wearing waist belts as well. And also, you don't want to end up looking like an 80s music video, so here are some suggestions.

First off, remember that a waist belt accentuates your waist as well as your curves, so it is to your advantage. Wear a waist belt either right on your waist or you can even wear it lower on your hips with a long tee.

Waist belts look absolutely fabulous with a button up shirt and a pencil skirt, but they also look good with jeans and a plain long tee.

If you're going to wear a waist belt, try staying away from a lot of other accessories and plastic jewelry as you will end up looking like a washed up 80s star.

Try color coordinating. For example, if you're wearing white pants with a black shirt, you might want to consider a white waist belt as well. waist-belt.jpg

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