Charles Worthington Full Volume Shampoo

By Jackie / July 5, 2007

Charles Worthington products are absolutely one of the best brands I have tried, and I especially liked their Full Volume shampoo.They are a tiny bit more pricey than your regular brands, but I guarantee you they are worth a try.

The Full Volume shampoo is amazing because it actually works. It does just that: gives you volume. Unlike a lot of products that claim to do so many things that we can't even notice, Charles Worthington manages to keep up the promise of voluminous hair.

Use the Charles Worthington Full Volume shampoo followed by their conditioner, and blow dry your hair upside down. You will see a big difference. full_volume_shamp_large.jpg

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16 years ago

[…] your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry your hair. Scrunch a curl enhancing mousse into damp hair and let it air […]

[…] Not only that, but the Charles Worthington conditioner doesn’t leave your hair oily, it doesn’t drag it down or flatten it out. For best results, use it with the Charles Worthington Shampoo. […]

[…] haircut offers a fresh and jaunty attitude that I fell in love with instantly. Created by Charles Worthington and aptly named the urban shag, it’s a contemporary trend that embodies carefree […]

14 years ago

I have fine, thin hair and consequently have tried several volumizing shampoos. I find that the Made from Earth “Tea + Protein Shampoo” does truly add volume to my hair, as well as making styling control a bit easier. And it does have a wonderful scent! I could stand in the shower all day washing my hair with this shampoo! 🙂 I will continue to buy this product over and over again because I’ve seen it make my hair thicker…its prob the protein making the hair strands stronger. Plus it chemical free, so there is no harm in using it.… Read more »

13 years ago

wonderful results as I set my hair daily and the moisture seal shampoo holds the curl/wave for days….but mostly the Charles Worthington product does not test on animals….thanks….Marilyn

13 years ago

I bought Charles Worthington Volume shampoo and conditioner at a Dollar Store Plus for 2 dollars each only!!What a deal! I decided to try it since I never tried that kind b4 and have a horrible time finding products for volume. It didn’t help my fine oily hair though and I didn’t like the smell but the smell faded in the afternoon.

13 years ago

I decided to try this product after seeing it as clearance at our local supermarket.
It is fantastic, shine and volume. Am desperately seaching for more. Try it you will love it.