The Importance of Blending

By Jackie / July 7, 2007

Blending your makeup is one of the most important aspects of makeup application. Blending gives you a better coverage over all, and makes your makeup look flawless and professional all at the same time. Blending also gives you many options such as mixing different colors for your eyeshadow application, as well as cover-up and concealer applications.

The most important aspect of blending is making sure to blend in your foundation and your concealer. If you use a liquid concealer or foundation, dab a few drops on your fingertips and blend with your fingertips. Make sure you get an even coverage, and that you blend it in as well as you can. Finish off with a matte powder and/or blush.

When it comes to blending your eyeshadow, you must be very careful of the colors that you mix together. Either way, you can pretty much use any combination such as black and blue, yellow and green, and so many more. When mixing two colored eye shadows together, make sure to blend well right where the two colors meet for a flawless look.

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