How to Wear Skinny Jeans

By Aniela / March 9, 2007

Skinny, 80s style jeans have made a huge comeback like no other trend out there. They've been on the scene for almost 2 years now, and it doesn't look like they'll be going away anytime soon. Some people love skinny jeans, while others can't stand the thought. The truth is, skinny jeans can look great, but only if you know how to wear them.

Most people like wearing skinny jeans with flats, but unfortunately, it doesn't look good on everyone. Why? Skinny jeans don't help your figure; especially if you're short, or a little curvier. Skinny jeans look amazing on tall and lean figures, and that's the truth. If you're tall and lean, go ahead wear them with flats as they won't shorten
you or make you look stocky. Not all fashion trends look great on everyone.

That being said, even if you are short, you can still pull off a pair of skinny jeans, but make sure you have a little bit of heel. Skinny jeans tend to shorten you, so wear them with a pair of hot pumps, the combination is
just to die for!

Either way, just because skinny jeans are hot right now, does not mean you have to wear them! If they don't look good on you, there is no point in putting yourself in something that doesn't make you feel comfortable.
skinny jeans

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15 years ago

Skinny jeans can be worn with flats for a retro statement or with heels for a more glamorous look.

15 years ago

usually i do wear flats, but i just bought sum pumps and i plan on wearin em wit my skinny jeans , tho i find i can never get a pair of jeans dat fit me da best and it makes me sad =(

15 years ago

Im 5’3 And Size 8, Skinny Jeans Make Me Look Huge. I Can Not Wear Them Even Tho I Really Want To. All My Friends Wear Them. Im Always Is Boot Cut Jeans And Feel Like The Odd One Out,

15 years ago

I love my skinnys im wearing them right now im petite 5’0 and a size 2 i wear them with uggs in winter and a tunic top or early fall with flip flops and a flowy tank

15 years ago

my friends were there skinny jeans wit regular skate boarder shoes and they pull it off? but im not sure on how to let the end of the leg to lay around the shoe and stuff i need yr help

14 years ago

lol… im like 5’4 and lean! hahha.. i love wearing skinny jeans!! i love em.. especially with pumps.. it makes me look classy and sexy

14 years ago

I disagree that you can’t wear skinny jeans if you’re curvy. I have a big bottom and I love my skinny jeans; I just pair them with a full top or a mini dress (something to cover the bum). Also, in the winter it’s fun to wear skinny jeans with big boots to balance out the big booty! 🙂

14 years ago

omg thankz for the advice i look greattt in skinnys now!!!!

14 years ago

i disagree with you too; fashion is all about being fun. i’m 5’2 and curvy in the right places, and i find that skinnies accentuate me just perfectly. you don’t need to look like your skeleton is about to pop out to look good in certain types of clothes. granted you must feel comfortable in what you wear–never wear something that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself

14 years ago

i’am 5’5 and 31-26-31….but i look hideous in skinnys…well actually bum looks huge, even though i’ve got the tiniest bum. so all i can do with my skinnys is wear them over mini dresses.

14 years ago


I am one of the skinny jeans lovers and agree with the idea that not all fashion trends look great on everyone. But, recently I’ve visited eTelestia site (online dressmaking courses) and found out that everyone has chance to look great even in skinny jeans if it is created according to his/her own sewing patterns.

14 years ago

Can someone help me please? I am like 5 feet, my friends say im skinny (sometimes) but i know i put on weight over the summer and I honestly think that skinny jeans would be the last thing that could possibly work on me; also at my school we can only wear 2 inch heels, so the most height i get is 5’2; any suggestions? and while you think about that one, I need help because for dresscode we need to have thumb length shorts and shirts no lower than the collar bone/2 inch straps. My friends seem to always… Read more »

14 years ago

I’m black with lots of pimples, spots and stretch marks. How do I get rid of them?

14 years ago

I don’t agree at all, everybody looks thinner and taller in skinny jeans, even short and curvy people 🙂

14 years ago

i totally love my skinny jeans miley cyrus and holister make the best dark wash jeans ever! Try cheaking out old navey to!

14 years ago

Rockin the jeans! Luvin it!!!!

13 years ago

I love skinny jeans!!!!! They look awesome on me even though I am only 5’1 because I have super long, thin legs. But to the people saying anyone can look good is skinny jeans; you are wrong!! I am sorry but fat people look horiable in skinny jeans. I don’t mean to be rude or ofend anyone, but it’s true! I have girls at my school who are overweight and they wear skinny jeans and it looks so bad.

kay kay
13 years ago

skinny are the best but i seem to feel unconfotable to wear normal deme jeans is that okay or i have a problam aha!

13 years ago

love the skinny jeans!!!!

13 years ago

i disagree. you don’t have to be tall and lean to wear skinnies. i’m 5’5″ 1/2 and i’m pretty chunky. like my ass is huge, my thighs are too, and my stomach is like WHAMMO! i’m a plus size girl, but i’m proud of it cause too many people are skinny lil sticks. im happy to be the way i am. and plus skinnies fit my figure perfectly!

13 years ago

Help I am 5’0″ size 12 big butt and hips I look huge in skinny jeans but so sick of out of style boot cut. Cant see my cute shoes and I never wear flats unlesss I am in sweat pants. Any help would be appreciated. I am going to try the flowy top skinny pany look. This sux!

13 years ago

If skinny jeans make your thighs look huge, its because they ARE huge. They look huge all the time, not just in skinny jeans. Get in shape and they won’t stay that way.

13 years ago

I am short and heavy. Larger than everyone who commented to this post so far. And I love skinny jeans and jeggings. I don’t wear them with flats but I have seen other big girls do it and look great.

I have a big butt and I do not cover it either. The key to any piece of clothing is to feel confident wearing it. Everyone tells me how good I look in skinny jeans. So to Jessica I would say if you don’t feel good in them don’t wear them.

13 years ago

well, im 6’1 and skinny. Skinny jeans are all I wear and i look super cute in them!

12 years ago

Shalura, your comment was extremely rude.
As for you Jessica, try flares! They’re in style, you can see your shoes, and they make your legs look longer and leaner!

11 years ago

Anyone can wear skinny jeans. And no you don’t need anything to cover yourself. If you’re uncomfortable then don’t wear them. If your comfortable then wear them! It doesn’t matter if people think they look bad on you or not. If YOU think YOU look good in skinny jeans no matter short, tall, skinny, fat, white, black, blue or purple; IT DOESN’T MATTER! Rock what you think looks good on you :))))

Laraine Parker
11 years ago

Just can’t wear them and would love something tucked in boots. The demi rise jeans I tried on today in Levis fitted perfectly but felt oddly stretchy with so much polyester in them. Although I’m 64 years-of-age!! I know, ancient, I keep in shape but still look like the comedian Max Wall, that used to contort his body into the shape of a monkey. Levis are the nearest I can get to perfect but £85.oo!