Lady Gaga’s Futuristic Inspired Look – Fashion Forward or Fashion Victim?

By Aniela / April 9, 2009

I must admit that I'm not a big fan of Lady Gaga's, even though I find myself singing along to her songs from time to time (they are catchy after all). But one thing I do admire her for is her fashion forward attitude. She's not afraid to step out of the box and wear something completely unconventional and out of this world. Recently, Lady Gaga wore a futuristic-inspired white ruffle dress at the Z100 Jingle Ball last December and I just had to bring it up!

Lady Gaga's Futuristic Inspired Look – Fashion Forward or Fashion Victim?

Lady Gaga White Ruffle Dress

When I saw this dress it reminded me of a white flower bed as well as something out of dreams and fantasies…but definitely not something I would see on the street. The entire look itself it very fairy-tale like and it just brought me back to my childhood days. I must admit that I really do like the dress, and it also looks gorgeous on her.

Of course I would never be fashion forward enough to pull something like this off, but for Lady Gaga, it's a perfect fit! The ruffles on the dress is simply beautiful and she almost looks angelic with her blonde locks against the crisp white fabric. The only thing I might have done differently is the shoes, but all in all, I give this a thumbs up!

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15 years ago

you think thats the best thing shes woren you wrong I personally am a big fan you shoud have seen some of the most awwsome but exotic out fitts she wears thats not her best one trust me

15 years ago

OMG!!!!!!That outfit is horible!!!!!But im just a 9 year old FASHION DESINER…..what do I know………

15 years ago

I saw that in my magazine!!!!! I think the magazine was J-14…im so maaddd!!!!!!!

That Girrl
15 years ago

I absolutely hate her outfits. She is a disaster!

15 years ago

lady gaga still rocks! every individual has their own rights to express their selves. and she, lady gaga, express it thru her fashion. nothings wrong with that. better look your own fashion first. ok.

15 years ago


14 years ago

you ARe the one who is disaster here… go to hell asshole… miss attitude- no problem..asshole

14 years ago

i like it.i personally adore lady gaga and her style.i like her hair very much.
shoes are to die for <3

14 years ago

I like it “she” can pull it off but I would NEVER wear it PS: I put “she” in quotation marks because she’s really a men (image search it) post what you find, gigle.

14 years ago

btw I don’t like the shoes though. at least not with that outfit.

14 years ago

the dress is sooooooooooooo adorably I love it

14 years ago

It’s very cute, but it’s not futuristic at all… kids in Asia have been dressing like this for years. At any rate, I love Lady Gaga, she’s a wicked artist! I can’t wait to see her live.

14 years ago

Its a gorgeous dress and I think that it is so nice I’m going to try and do one for a fancy dress party I’m going to 🙂 I really want to meet her she’s my fave singer.

14 years ago

I think it’s a mixture of a fashion miss and a fashion forward. That dress really brings out Lady Gaga’s great skin tone and her pretty blonde hair & her dress reminds me of what models wear on the runway. She’s a very creative and talented soul and shall we continue to wish her all the best of luck with her career as we do for others. That was the bri-view~! xoxoxoxoxo

13 years ago

Wow payton Lady Gaga’s style Is:
A. Distant
B. Fresh
D. Unique
So if you dont like it, you dont understand it. WAIT YOUR NINE??? That explains.