Megan Fox’s Style: Love it or Hate it?

By Aniela / April 17, 2009

I always wonder how come celebrities don't always look their best even with personal stylists, a ton of cash and everything at their disposal! The answer? Personally, there's just too much choice and they can sometimes end up looking not so glamorous…hence the Megan Fox style disertation. What was she thinking?

Megan Fox's Style: Love it or Hate it?


First of all, if I had a body like hers, I would wear something a little more fitting and try to enhance my good parts. Here, Megan Fox is not doing either of those things. The top is way too long for her and it clashes with her very long hair, making her look very short.

I also think this outfit would have looked better with tights instead of skinnies and maybe a different pair of shoes. I can't really see her black wedges doing any kind of justice to this outfit.

Overall, this outfit makes her look old, boring and conservative. I could think of a million different outfits that would have looked much better on her, but this one, I give a thumbs down to!

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15 years ago

I think it is cute. I’ll admit that you are true about the long shirt and hair but celebrities, or anyone else, do not need to wear form fitting showy outfits. It looks slutty. Know I am NOT saying that you can’t wear something that compliments your body, but if it’s tight or short it looks too slutty.

14 years ago

i don’t like it,but i think that the jacket is very nice 🙂

14 years ago

I love it she looks great but I must say I don’t like her hair that much here I’m glad she changed it! PS:She has killer eyes (she’d look good with true red lipstick)!

14 years ago

The outfit is nice. However, her hair style doesn’t go with her outfit. She should have tried another hairdo.

14 years ago

i think she is really ugly

14 years ago

NAY!! That outfit was a total nay and a total fashion miss!! A total fashion-crisis!! The shirt is absolutely terrible for her bright and pretty skin tone and her hair just lays flat, she should have done it up a little more, even if it was in a messy bun! The shoes are way to “BLAH” and not enough “WOW”. The jeans always work because they’re kind of washed out and skinny, but in her case their just NOT working in her best of favors. Come on Meg, dress up for the kids man!! hahaha xoxoxoxoxo that was the bri-view!!