Your Go-To Accessory: The Scarf

By Aniela / October 30, 2009

The scarf: your go-to accessory for this winter! Is it just me, or is the scarf not a super-versatile fashion item that seems to go with everything? I fell in love with scarves, and shawls when I was a little girl and saw my mom wearing all different kinds and colors. Since then, I've been a true scarf girl…with what I now like to call “my collection of scarves”…meaning there are just too many too count and I should probably give some away.

Your Go-To Accessory: The Scarf

the scarf

But nevertheless, I can't seem to part without them and for good reason too. For me at least, a scarf can do wonders for an otherwise boring outfit. And since I don't seem to have the time to get ready in the morning or the money to update my look every month, I just throw on a favorite colorful scarf and I instantly feel better…more…fashionable if you will.

Anyways, if you still haven't adopted a few of your own scarves, now is the time to do it, especially with the cold weather right around the corner. Here's why and how a scarf will immediately jazz up your look:

  • It will draw attention to your face, rather than the rest of your body…so it's good for days when you don't really feel like trying too hard
  • Wear a colorful scarf with your less-colorful ensembles for a pop of color and fun!
  • Sporting a longer scarf will actually draw attention away from your problem areas such as your midsection.
  • Last but not least, these babies keep you looking hot and feeling warm!

If you need a little inspiration, check out 6 different ways to tie a scarf!

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