13 Stylish Shag Hairstyles You’ll Fall in Love With!

By Aniela / March 13, 2017

If you've been keeping up with the latest trends, you may have noticed a recurring hair trend: the shag hairstyle. This hairstyle, also fondly referred to as the “swag”, has been hitting up Instagram and other online venues by storm! So why are shag hairstyles so popular and should YOU get the shag do?

The reason why we really love the shag hairstyles is because they're SO easy to pull off and they work on almost any hairstyle, hair texture, and hair length. Whether you have a short, bob-like mane, or medium to long hair, the shag, or swag, will work every single time. The shag is basically loose, wave-inspired tresses that remind us of the bed hair era…but with a little more finesse! Check out these 13 stylish shag dos, and see which one you'd get for yourself! Then, when you're ready, bring a picture of your favorite style to your hairdresser and get to chopping!

13 Stylish Shag Hairstyles

#1. Shaggy Chestnut Hair

shaggy chestnut hair

#2. Balayage Shag

balayage shag

#3. Medium Loose Chocolate Shag

medium loose chocolate shag

#4. Beach Waves Shag

beach waves shag

#5. Beach Blonde Medium Shag

beach blonde medium shag

#6. Blonde Medium Shag

blonde medium shag

#7. Dirty Blonde Shag

dirty blonde shag

#8. Caramel Balayage Shag

caramel balayage shag

#9. Pink Shag

pink shag

#10. Messy Shagbanged up shag

#11. Long Layered Shag

long layered shag

#12. Wind Swept Shag

wind swept shag

#13. Choppy Layers Shag

choppy layers shag

#14. Neon Sunset Shag

neon sunset shag

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Image Sources: Therighthairstyle

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