From Shamrocks to Pots of Gold: 20 St Patty’s Day Nail Designs

By Aniela / March 13, 2017

If you love St. Patty's Day as much as we do, you'll fall in love and go crazy over these 21 St Patty's Day nail designs! Whether you decide to do like the Irish and drink all day, or you're just having a low-key weekend, St. Patty's Day is still a day to be celebrated because it's just a fun holiday! Do we need any more reasons than that? Nope! Especially when it comes to nail designs, St Patty's Day gives us a wide range of super fun options from shamrocks to pots of gold!

Copy any one of these Irish inspired nail designs to celebrate the funnest holiday of the year! We strongly recommend you invest in a stamping kit because it will make things so much easier for ANY nail design (unless you're a pro or something!). Then, pick up a few different shades of green nail polishes, sparkly polishes, and rainbow colored hues to start on your journey and reach the pot of gold!

20 St Patty's Day Nail Designs

#1. Green Irish Nail Design

green irish nail design

#2. Kiss Me I'm Irish!

st patty's day nail designs

Source: Popsugar

#3. Irish Pattern Nails

irish pattern nails

#4. Irish French Mani

irish french mani

#5. Green and Black Nails

green and black nails

#6. Green and Sparkle Nails

green and sparkle nails

#7. Green Marble Nails

green marble nails

#8. Stamped Green Nails

stamped green nails

#9. Green Cloud Nails

green cloud nails

#10. Green Rainbow Nails

green rainbow nails

#11. Pot of Gold Rainbow Nails

pot of gold rainbow nails

#12. Green Scale Nails

green scale nails

#13. Glossy Green Nails

glossy green nails

#14. Green Polka Dot Nails

green polka dot nails

#15. Green and Orange Nails

green and orange nails

#16. Sparkly Green Nails

sparkly green nails

#17. White and Green Clover Nails

white and green clover nails

#18. Green St Patty's Day Nail Design

green st pattys day nails

#19.  Polka Dots and Rainbow Nails

green polka dots rainbow nails

#20. Green Shamrock Nails

green shamrock nails

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Image Sources: Babble

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