24 Boho Hairstyles You'll Want to Wear All Summer

24 Boho Hairstyles You’ll Want to Wear All Summer

By Aniela M / June 7, 2017

Summer is upon us and there's no better time to sport one of these boho hairstyles than now! Boho, short for bohemian, is a style of fashion which draws its influence from hippie and bohemian fashion. The boho-chic styles got their start in the 60s, and has resurfaced several times since then. Now, boho styles seem to have rooted themselves pretty heavily into the 21st century, and we're loving it! Boho hairstyles are easy to pull off, as they're not meant to be perfect, but rather a little messier, freer, and with lots of braids! Check out these 24 boho-chic hairstyles and get inspired to make your own version! Think of half up half down styles, loose braids, and flower hair accessories.

24 Boho Hairstyles

#1. Messy low pony with braid

boho hairstyles

#2. Twisted braid

boho hairstyle 2

#3. Crown braids

boho hairstyle 3

#4. Neat long braid

boho hairstyle 4

#5. Twisted braid

boho hairstyle 5

#6. Teal braids

boho hairstyle 6

#7. Messy fishtail braids

boho hairstyle 7

#8. Half up half down messy braid

boho hairstyle 8

#9. Messy chunky braid

boho hairstyle 9

#10. Hippie braids

boho hairstyle 10

#11. Neat side braid

boho hairstyle 11

#12. Waterfall braid

boho hairstyle 12

#13. Fishtail braids

boho hairstyle 13

#14. Pigtail fishtail braids

boho hairstyle 14

#15. Messy fishtail braids

boho hairstyle 15

#16. White-gray thin braids

boho hairstyle 16

#17. Messy knot

boho hairstyle 17

#18. Middle fishtail braid

boho hairstyle 18

#19. Braid crown

boho hairstyle 19

#20. Tight fishtail braids

boho hairstyle 20

#21. Messy braids

boho hairstyle 21

#22. Blue-teal braids

boho hairstyle 22

#23. Boho flower braids

boho hairstyle 23

#24. Loose side fishtail braid

boho hairstyle 24

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