DIY Hair Thickening Treatment For Extra Strong and Long Hair

By Aniela / March 8, 2018

Getting thicker, stronger hair is a lot easier than you'd think – all your hair needs is a little TLC and it can be well on its way to growing longer and stronger! This DIY hair thickening treatment for extra strong and long hair is SUPER easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients that you probably already have in your own! These ingredients have been used for thousands of years by different cultures to strengthen weak, thin hair, and encourage thicker strands and longer hair. Use this DIY hair thickening treatment twice a week for at least a month and see the amazing difference!

DIY Hair Thickening Treatment

thick long hair

You'll Need:


  1. In a small bowl, beat the egg yolk and add in the olive oil and honey.
  2. Mix well until all ingredients are well blended.
  3. Apply to dry, unwashed hair, starting at the roots and saturating the ends.
  4. Massage the treatment into the scalp in slow, circular motions.
  5. Do this for 3-5 minutes to encourage blood circulation which in turn encourages hair growth.
  6. Cover head with a shower cap or a thin towel to avoid stains.
  7. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  8. Rinse out and shampoo and condition as normal.
  9. Do this 1-2 times a week.

Benefits of DIY Hair Thickening Treatment:

  • Thickens thin, breaking hair
  • Gets rid of split ends
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Detoxifies scalp
  • Smooths frizzy hair
  • Hydrates
  • Adds shine

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DIY Hair Thickening Treatment

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5 years ago

You said egg yolk , honey and olive oil are the ingredients. But what is white thing present in the picture???

4 years ago
Reply to  Aniela

Is it really work for growth the hair ??? i am just wondering and i wish for what has shown in the picture for long hair

4 years ago
Reply to  Maryam

Thanks for information hair growth.plz information dandruff rimvo

5 years ago

my hair broken too much tellme more than any solution

5 years ago

I m not having hairfall these days, but my hair growth has become very slow, plzz suggest me some good stuff

4 years ago

My hair is too frizzy and dull . What should I do to get rid of this.

4 years ago

What is the solution for dandruff

4 years ago

Hi! I’ve been going through different hair shampoos and conditioners and even putting oils in my hair to try and get back my long thick hair.. I’m getting married I about too months and my hear sheds a lot and has dandruff as well. I only highlighted my hair maybe twice in the last year or longer than that. I came across this DIY treatment and does it matter what kid of shampoo and conditioner I use? I’m right now just using some kind of aloe garnias shampoo and a bed head green big conditioner bottle… thank you!

4 years ago

I have extremely scanty hair and receding hair line . will this hair mask help.? If not pls suggest.

3 years ago

I’m trying this since last two weeks…now itself I’m happy with my hair ?…Thankyou so much ?