Fall’s Hottest Hair Colors

By Aniela / September 29, 2008

These are fall's hottest hair colors – ready to take a look? If you think this fall you'll still be rocking the old highlights, you are sadly mistaken because this season it is all about letting your natural color come through with lots and lots of shine. So say goodbye to those high-maintenance highlights and hello to the naturalization process. This naturalization process means prolonging your summer shade through fall or deepening for extra shine. So let your natural color come through and give your hair a break from the dyes!

Fall's Hottest Hair Colors

THE JETSETTERblue-black hair

Those with super-dark hair lighten up at the peril – it never looks natural. Instead, deepend your tone even more for a lustrous satin finish. A good trick is to use vegetable dyes that fade graciously so your hair never looks dry or in need of a touch-up. So if you're thinking of going dark dark black or blue-black…think again. Those colors only work if your hair is naturally that dark!


Those with red hair know how hard it is to keep their color since red hair tends to fade very quickly, especially during the summer months. So what can you do to brighten up those red locks? Try a warm, russet-brown shade of red. Rather than going lighter – which can create a clown-like orange – brown will make red shades look rich and lustrous, but still believable.

THE AMBER WAVEcurly hair

Dark-haired curls are the hardest project for a colorist. Highlights on curly hair look stripy and if you lighten your dark curls the color can just go brassy. Soften the entire mane with a green-based brown that will neutralize red undertones and voila you've got a full head of fabulosity!

THE BLONDEblonde hair

Those with platinum hair should try hand-painted highlights. A few concentrated on the sides and back of the head  create a lot of sparkle and shine. Avoid the roots though so they can just grow out naturally. Unlike foils, which can create stripes of color, hand-painting allows you to add more lightness at the ends.

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14 years ago

Thats so sad I don’t have any of those!

13 years ago

Go Blonde! Blonde hair is the best!