Getting Hair Extensions

By Aniela / June 19, 2008

I am very excited to announce that I've gotten hair extensions yesterday (my third time so far), and I absolutely love them. The reason I got my extensions is because my hair is very thin and doesn't really grow. The longest I've ever had my hair grow is just a little past my shoulders, and being a fan of long hair, I had to do something about it! Therefore, I believe hair extensions are great for anyone with thin hair or hair that doesn't grow fast. Of course there are numerous ways in which to go about getting extensions, and I will list some of them, including which are cheaper or more expensive.

Getting Hair Extensions

Braided In Extensions

My extensions for example are braided and clipped in, and this is the cheaper option you can choose. They basically take your hair and the extensions, braiding them together at the back of your head (they do about three rows across your head). Then, they use about 10 clips for each row to better secure the braided part to your head. Like I said, this is your cheapest option and can run you anywhere between  $100- $250. I got extremely lucky because I called my salon to set up an appointment and they told me it would be $175 plus the hair (which is anywhere between $50-80, depending on the quality). Now you have to go buy your own hair, and I was told to go to this beauty supply shop.

To my surprise, the lady at the shop not only helped me match the extensions to my hair perfectly, but she also said she would do my extensions for a very cheap price- $70! I was extatic, and  booked the appointment for the next day. So in total, I spent $120, compared to $225 that I would have spend had I gone to the salon. On top of that, the lady at the supply shop did it in ONE HOUR, which is a miracle compared to the EIGHT HOURS I spent getting my extensions done the 2 previous times.So the lesson here? Scour beauty supply shops and see if they do extensions in store- it'll save you loads of money!

Sewn In Extensions

There are also sewn in extensions. They do this by braiding your own hair and then sewing in the extensions into your hair. This is a little more expensive, about  $1000, and frankly, lasts about the same as the braided ones. This method is best for those with coarse hair, and not for fine, silky hair.

Glued Extensions

Another way to go about is glued extensions, and I would not recommend it. Not only is it super expensive and it varies from salon to salon, but it is very unhealthy for your hair. I had a friend get glued extensions, and was horrified by the sight of her hair after she took them out. She was basically left with half of her hair on her head. Although these last a little longer (around 6 months, compared to the other two which last about 3), they still aren't worth the money or the trouble they give you after you've removed them.

In conclusion I would like to say that hair extensions are a great way to get longer, fuller hair instantly. It'll make you feel better about yourself, and they're just plain amazing! But don't think you have to spend a ton of money, do your research first, and make sure that whoever does your extensions knows what they're doing. Ask to see some before and after pictures if possible!

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15 years ago

Hi I used to have glued extension too. I had it in Thailand because I m thai . it was kidda cheap. cost around 45 dollars for 1 row and the hair is about middle of my back. Once i got lump cos i had to seperate each extension everytime and one day i forgot. It was a very big lump and i had to go to salon. they can manage it in 1 hour. it was very painful. It last for only 4 month. After i took them off. I have to cut my hair cos the hair roots… Read more »

15 years ago

ok. i have extensions, clip in ones that cost $120…they were on sale for $80. i got those and clipped them in everyday. eventually the clips hurt me head but it was DEFFINATLY worth it. my mother is in school currently for cosmetology. and so i let her practice sewing them into my hair…the braided way (we removed the clips from the line of the extension. we do two rows, and between the braiding, and the sewing….she gets them in in nearly an hour. we do it while my hair is wet so that it is streched out more (your… Read more »

15 years ago

I had extensions put in for a wedding about 8 weeks ago. They were glued in and after 4 weeks I had to get my mum to remove them for me…..this was actually extremely painful and made my head sore for days afterwards too. I would not recommend glued in extensions to anyone, yes they looked good but they were very hard to look after and they made my head itch. They also cost me nearly £400.00 which is alot of money considering I only kept them in for 4 weeks! Now i’ve actually had them taken out, I love… Read more »

15 years ago

I bought human hair clip in exten. from Sally’s and they are the BEST!!!!!

15 years ago

I don’t think i need hair extensions my hair is already mega long and if i had it any longer it would be down to my feet but it goes really frizzy and ive spent loads of money on hair care products
and hair straighteners and they don’t seem to work for me ?
can anyone help
perhaps some’one could mention a good/strong hair straightener or condition i havent tried jhon freda and heard its good but i have used herbal esscenses and tresame and found they are ok but dont work

15 years ago

hey need help with frizze well I had bad frizzey hair what you should do is don’t sleep on ur hair wet or lose put it in a pony tail when you sleep this helps a ton and cant really help you when it comes to straightenig ur hair except use either a even stronger
hair spray or use gel if it gets that bad:)

14 years ago

I recommend that you should never get your extensions glued in. it is way too expensive and you’ll probably have many complications along the way. i myself got my extensions glued in about a month ago. it cost me $120. by the first time i washed my hair half of them fell out, and there was very little extensions left by the 3rd wash. all i had was glue clumped together by my roots. and it really hurt! what is probably the best way is to get them braided in, the only downside is that around a month in they… Read more »

14 years ago

i realy want hair extensions
does anyone know wat clip on ones are like nd hm they are???

14 years ago

Man, i keep wanting to grow out my hair but I always get bored with it, so end up getting it cut, and/or cutting it myself!!!
Anyone have any tips to make the growing process less boring to deal with? I’m the “I’m bored I think i’ll go cut/dye my hair” type.

Halp? XDDD

14 years ago

OMG i know .. i am always getting bored and always doing something to my hair PLUS i am a hairdresser so i have nothing stopping me ,. my hair finally got passed my shoulders and what do i do ?? CUT IT !! wtf man.. i need extensions. sallys here i come.

OH and a kate GHD the best straighter out there – you’ll love it , maybe the sedu tho .. you might need larger plates if you have such long hair

14 years ago

Hi, I bought a 25 inch Jessica/paves extension weft and i love it because it , but when i clip in the clips its hard to find a spot that it doesnt pull on it or hurt it although im sure there is someway around this because when my friend put them in she found comfortable spots, Also after awhile certain spots started to hurt and feel pulled on but i just put up with it. When i took it out the spots were sore and even the next day the spots are still sore. My questions are – 1.… Read more »

14 years ago

i want to get hair extentions but not aloud cause they too expensive.wuts the cheapest u can get??

14 years ago

im getting hair extensions this week ill let everyone knowww

13 years ago

I got hair extensoions sowed in it hurts really bad but only cost 30 to get it done plus the price for the hair, it looks great.

12 years ago

ok so, i got fusions extensions put in about a week ago because i am in a show and i needed long hair without a wig…and they were too thin so i got 5 wefts of hair sewn in about 3 days ago. the fusions were only sore for like 3 days and were fine but since i got the sew in ones, my head is constantly in terrible pain. i could barely sleep the night i got stylist said she had to tie them tightly because i have very short hair and she said the would be sore… Read more »

12 years ago

Glue-in extensions are the cheapest, but definitely the WORST way to go. Sew-in extensions are pretty good, and they can be a little tight-feeling for the first couple of days, but that is just because your own hair has to be french braided to your head first, and the tighter that it’s braided, the longer it lasts. But it’ll naturally loosen itself up in a couple of days. And if you (our anyone else) are paying $1000, you are paying WAY too much!! It should run you anywhere from $50-$250. Any more, and you are getting ripped off–I don’t care… Read more »

11 years ago

what’s this braided method everyone is talking about? I just got fusion extensions about a month ago and like everyone is saying on here, it’s been a horrible mess. I have bald spots everywhere and my hair has been breaking off at the ends terribly. the whole reason I got these extensions in the first place is because of a haircut I got that grew into an uneven mess of layers around my entire head. it’s completely unmanageable (can’t wear my hair down, can’t pull it up because it’s too short) and now these fusion extensions ruined my hair even… Read more »