So what’s hot this summer? Keep reading to find out! So summer is fast approaching ladies, and you know what that means! Fresh styles, new dos and bare all legs. So what’s hot in fashion this summer? Well we’ll still see some of the same styles we saw last summer, but this time everything will be more feminine, which I love. No hoochie stuff by the way, just beautiful and feminine pieces, accompanied by pretty, dainty accessories.

What’s Hot This Summer


Let’s start off with shoes. Wedges are a great alternative to high-heels. There isn’t that much pressure on your feet, but you still get that desired height. Wedges go great with anything from jeans to skirts and even sun dresses. So stock up on your favorite wedges this summer because they’re here to stay!


We saw them last year, and here they are again. All sun dresses are fair game this summer. Weather they’re halter dresses, tube top dresses, or spaghetti strap, there is nothing more feminine. These dresses always remind me of the 50’s (not that I was around back then), but they do have a soft, feminine quality about them. They’re light and very easy to accessorize and wear. So pick up a few this summer in different colors; go crazy!


Accessories are always a big part of any ensemble. Since we’re on the subject of feminine styles this summer, accessories are up there too. You’ll see lots of flowery accessories from necklaces to bracelets, brooches and barrettes. Don’t be afraid to don a pretty hair flower accessory this summer, it is seriously all the rage!

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