5 Hair Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

By Aniela / October 15, 2015

Taking care of your hair is oh-so important, especially if you want a head full of healthy locks. Wrapping it in a towel after a shower or frying it with heat every day is a big no-no, but we all still do it and then later complain that our hair looks like crap! Well of course it does! If you don't put in the work, you'll never get the results you want! But of course you already knew that blowdrying your hair every day or straightening it on the daily is bad for your hair…but there are also lesser known evils that are truly damaging to your locks.

5 Hair Mistakes We've All Done

#1. Styling Your Hair Too Tightly

tight ponytail

We all love a good, sturdy pony, but making it that tight will cause serious damage to your hair. When you're wrapping your hair that tight, you're actually ripping out hair…even though you may not see or feel it. So next time you go and put your hair in a pony or braid, be mindful that your hair actually a lot more sensitive than you think. Maybe think about skipping that last wrap around!

#2. Using the Wrong Hair Ties


Using rubber bands or those hair ties with the metal part on them is very bad for your strands. It will only pull your hair and damage it. So instead, invest an extra dollar into some good quality hair ties and your hair will thank you for it!

#3. Using the Wrong Brushes

hair brush

We all know that using a brush on wet hair wreaks havoc (use a wide tooth comb instead!). But did you know that using a cheap quality brush daily on your hair can also damage your hair? The same goes for an old brush that you may have been using for years! So do yourself and your hair a favor and invest in a good quality brush, making sure to replace it every year or so (depending on how often you brush your hair!). I'm not telling you to break the bank, but don't use a brush that you picked up in a bin at the dollar store – you'll only end up spending more on products later on down the road!

#4. Towel Drying Your Hair


I don't know how much I can stress the fact that towel drying your hair is a huge NO NO. It causes dryness and breakage, so please stop using the towel turban when drying your hair. Instead, use an old t-shirt. I promise your hair will thank you for it as the tshirt is much more gentle on your hair than a towel.

#5. Skipping on Protective Care

sun spray

Just like you apply sunscreen to your skin before you head outside, your hair needs the same care. Just a quick spritz on your locks before you head outside will prevent some major damage, especially if your hair is colored. The same applies for when you blowdry, straighten, or curl your hair – use a protective spray to fight against the heat and leave your hair healthy and shiny.

So now that you know the 5 biggest hair sins, please stop making them! In the end, you'll save more money on products and your hair will be so much healthier!

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