7 Life Saving Hair Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know

By Aniela / October 28, 2015

Whether you have a lot of it, or a little (like moi!), hair is just there and it screams for our attention constantly. Let's face it – a bad hair day can ruin the most beautiful makeup job and the most on point outfit. Thankfully, these 13 life saving hair hacks have saved my bad hair every single time. Can you get through this post without whipping out your flat iron? Don't think so 🙂

7 Life Saving Hair Hacks

1. Curl From the Middle

how to curl your hair

Want long lasting curls? I know I do. And for people like me, with super thin, barely there hair, it's hard to find a style that really lasts. This way of curling though, ensures that my hair stays nice curly all throughout the day. So next time you want curly locks, start curling your hair from the middle…and NOT the ends. You'll see a huge difference!

2. Keep Your Brushes Clean

how to clean hairbrush

You have no idea how important it really is to clean your hair brushes. And while you may have never done it (yes…I know you haven't!) it's really crucial that you start doing in. If you're not doing it, you're just raking a dirty, filthy brush through your nice, clean hair. Disgusting. So once a month, pick out the hair from your brushes, wet them, and apply some shampoo. Let it soak for a few minutes and rinse clean. Let your brushes air dry. Alternatively, you can also purchase a new brush once a month, but that could just be an unnecessary purchase.

3. Get Beachy Waves…The Right Way

how to get beachy waves

If you're pressed for time, this is the ONLY way to get perfect, beachy waves. Look at the picture above. Study it. Breath it. Live it! Go beach waves!

4. Know Thy Brushes

hairbrush guide

Study this guide and you'll be a hair pro in no time! Now I'm not saying you need ALL of these by any means (the everything and anything brush should do just fine!).

5. Stay Put Bobbypins

stay put bobby pins

If you have fine hair like me, your bobby pins most likely don't stay in place all too well! That's okay! Just put them down on a paper towel, and spray with hairspray and dry shampoo. Let them dry for a few seconds and apply to hair! They'll stay nice and put all day!

6. Pump Up the Volume

voluminous ponytail

Most of us don't have time for voluminous waves and all that, but a simple pony can go a long way IF you know how to amplify it! No need for any fancy tricks here, just use a claw clip to create more volume. Stick the clip right underneath your ponytail and voila!

7. Baby Powder

baby powder for oily hair

You don't need to spend a ton of money on dry shampoo – baby powder will do the trick just as well, if not even better! Just sprinkle a small amount onto your roots and massage through. The powder will soak up all the oil, leaving you with that freshly-washed look.

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