Trendy Hair Colors You’ll Fall In Love With

By Aniela / March 7, 2017

It comes as no surprise that this past year we've seen some downright amazing on gorgeous hair colors. From celebrities, to Instagram stars, and everyone in between, 2016 and 2017 have definitely been the years of crazy, unexpected, albeit beautiful and trendy hair colors. People have taken to the rainbow hair color trend, the bronde hair color trend, the rose gold trend, and we've even see hair color that changes with your mood! As crazy as it may seem or look, hair color is actually an expression of your personality, and can make a big difference not only in how you look, but more importantly, in how you feel!

These trendy hair colors are the newest in hair color technology, combining surprising colors in an otherwise unconventional way. The result? Stunning, awe-inspiring colors that you'll fall in love with! If you don't run to your nearest salon after browsing these trendy hair color pics, there's something wrong!

Trendy Hair Colors

#1. Strawberry rose hair color

strawberry rose hair color

#2. Pink ombre hair color

pink ombre hair color

#3. Rose white hair color

rose white hair color

#4. Strawberry Brown Hair

strawberry brown hair color

#5. Soft pink hair color

soft pink hair color

#6. Caramel hair color

caramel hair color

#7. Grey and white hair color

grey and white hair color

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Images Source: Refinery29

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