What is a Silk Wrap & How to Silk Wrap Your Hair

By Jessica Wilkes / February 21, 2019

If you’ve never heard of a silk wrap, you’re definitely not alone! So what is a silk wrap and to silk wrap your hair? A relatively new hair treatment technique, silk wrapping involves wrapping dry hair (with saran wrap) with a bit of moisturizer and a shine spray under a hooded dryer. The goal of the silk wrap treatment is to give relaxed hair that flat iron, silky, and shiny look and it’s taken the hair world by storm!

The reason why the silk wrap is so popular is because it doesn’t damage the hair like other hair treatments that use a ton of heat.

For those with natural hair that has been pressed, the treatment will work the same but will also reduce the volume, for a flatter style. You can silk wrap your hair straight after roller setting to smooth the hair out. If you have natural hair that has been straightened smooth, a silk wrap can be used a week later to make the press last longer and keep it shape.

How to Silk Wrap Your Hair

silk wrap

The technique of silk wrapping is not at all hard to do, and will give you some pretty awesome results without spending a fortune or damaging your hair!

  1. Before starting, make sure your hair is completely dry. If hair is relaxed, roller set first, or, if natural, follow your usual routine of straightening your hair.
  2. Grab about a dime-sized amount of your moisturizer and rub into your hair concentrating on ends. Use a comb to distribute evenly throughout your hair.
  3. Brush the hair into a smooth wrap and do not use any pins as this may give you creases in the end. If need be, spray a light layer of an oil sheen spray.
  4. Apply the saran wrap over your hair, making sure that it’s firmly secured.
  5. Dry your hair for about 10-20 minutes.
  6. Remove the plastic wrap and comb out the wrap.
  7. Your hair should be silky smooth and straight!

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How to Silk Wrap Your Hair
Yvonne lambert

What type of moisturiser are you talking about? And how do we wrap the hair? Pics would of been good to get a better idea, and for me I have no idea what you mean by relaxed hair lol and how do we roller set it, I think it should be explained more for people who are not hairdressers, more in lamens terms not so technical please x

Jessica Wilkes


Silk wrapping is usually only done for black hair, so if you’re Asian or Caucasian, silk wrapping is not for you. But to give you a little more explanation, a moisturizer would be any moisturizing hair cream, and again, those are mostly used by those with this type of hair as it is much coarser. Relaxed hair is hair that has been permanently straightened using creams and a straightening method…it’s basically the reverse of a perm 🙂

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