4 Must Have Korean Beauty Products

By Aniela / February 3, 2017

You've undoubtedly heard all the craze concerning Korean beauty products, but have you actually tried any of them yet? These 4 must have Korean beauty products have made it to the top of every beauty blogger, makeup blogger, magazine, and all other beauty and makeup related publishings. Why, you ask? It seems that for whatever reason, Koreans really know how to do makeup and beauty products! But do they actually work? The answer is yes! We, along with hundreds of others, have tried many a Korean beauty product and we were SERIOUSLY impressed! As in….what have I been doing my entire life using CoverGirl? These Korean beauty products will honestly change your life! Here are the TOP 4 must have Korean beauty products that you should seriously splurge on!

Best Korean Beauty Products

#1. BB Cream – Missha M Signature Real Complete

missha m signature real complete Korean bb cream

This must have BB cream is one of Korea's favorites as it acts like a multi-tasker. It preps the skin for foundation (or you can use it alone by itself), moisturizes, fights wrinkles, smooths out skin, erases dark circles and spots, and also protects against sun damage. This one is incredibly well received because it does all of the above and matches every single skin tone. Get it on Amazon for $14.

#2. Snail Slime Infused Moisturizer – Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream

mizon all in one snail repair cream

Before you get grossed out at the thought of putting snail slime on your skin, keep in mind that this moisturizer is the holy grail of all moisturizers. I'm not kidding when I say that this moisturizer will leave your skin feeling and looking extremely soft and silky. Get in on Amazon $11.83.

#3. Cushion Foundation – Skin Food Royal Honey Cover Bounce Cushion

skinfood royal honey cover bounce cushion foundation

Cushion foundations are all the rage these days because they incorporate a strong SPF, they're liquid, and they're also a BB or CC cream. Say wha?? This particular one has an SPF 50, covers the toughest of imperfections, leave skin feeling super smooth, and also smells like honey! Get it on Amazon for $21.95.

#4. Rubber Mask – Lindsay Collagen Model Mask

lindsay modelling rubber mask

Gone are the days of sheet masks! Rubber masks are all the rage and they're so easy to do! Just mix equal parts water with equal parts powder, wait for it to harden and slather it on your face. You'll look pretty funny for a few minutes, but the results? Ahhhh the results are incredible! You'll never go back to a regular mask ever again! Get it on Amazon for just $14.

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5 years ago

Are any of these cruelty free?

I was buying quite a bit of the Korean and other Asian products when they first came onto the scene. That was before being reminded that some of these places still have dog meat farms. I would appreciate knowing what products are tested on animals, cruelty free, and/or vegan friendly.