Eyeshadow to Eye Color Match: Which Color Should YOU Be Wearing?

By Aniela / March 28, 2018

When it comes to eyeshadow, there are literally thousands of different hues (if not more!), and it can be confusing to know which eyeshadow color goes best with your eye color. Fret no more though, because this eyeshadow to eye color match will tell you precisely which hues go best with your eye color so you never have to second guess again! So next time you head on out to Sephora, Pin this post as a guide and simplify your life!

Eyeshadow to Eye Color Match

Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes Eyeshadow Match

Those with brown eyes should opt for peach, coral, green, grey, gold, plum, and pink. These colors bring out the brown hues in your eyes making them truly sparkle!

Blue Eyes

blue eyes eyeshadow match

Those with blue eyes should opt for purple, earth tones, slate, rose, taupe, and metallics. These colors will deepen and intensify the blue hue in your eyes.

Green Eyes

green eyes eyeshadow match

Those with green eyes should opt for taupe, gold, purple, copper, warm orange, and warm brown. These colors will make green eyes sparkle and intensify their color.

Hazel Eyes

Because hazel eyes are a mix of brown with green, you can get away with anything from the green and brown eyes hues!

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eyeshadow to eye color match

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1 year ago

I have two different color of eyes, what do I do??