Fall’s Hottest Makeup Trends

By Aniela / September 18, 2008

Today w'ere going to take a look at fall's hottest makeup trends! It's time to toss out your spring and summer makeup and step into fall's new collection of dazzling colors, shimmery shadows and dramatic looks. It's a time for renewing your way of thinking and changing your look for the better. So if you're a drama queen, try subduing your look this fall by going for a simpler, more natural look. If you tend to shy away from dramatic looks, embrace it by adding lots of color to your makeup collection.

Fall's Hottest Makeup Trends

GET THE NATURAL LOOKnatural looking makeup

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels confident enough to wear her makeup in a simple, natural way. You can get this soft, natural look by accentuating your best features and keeping everything clean and simple. Beautify your natural look by applying a taupe or beige shadow all over the eyelid and finishing off with a coat of mascara. Clear or natural gloss on the lips creates some light and gives your pout that “just kissed” effect. Mineral makeup is also great for simple, natural looks as it doesn't cake on like other products do.

GET THE DRAMATIC LOOKpurple smoky eye

This is for all of you that shy away from dramatic makeup; it's time to play it up! Dark, dramatic makeup is reminiscent of the late 1950's Hollywood celebs and is always a timeless, classic look that is great for the evening. Because purple shades are so hot this fall, you can incorporate them into your eyeshadow. Instead of creating the usual smoky eye, blend in a rich plum shade to create a dramatic effect. Also, don't be afraid to work on your lips too. This season, makeup artists aren't shying away from working on dramatic eyes as well as dramatic lips. Usually, if you work the smoky eye you would have to tone down the lips. But this fall you don't have to follow that trend anymore! Line your lips with a soft pink/mauve lipliner and use a soft plum matte lipstick.


For those romantic fall nights, follow this soft, pretty look with an emphasis on the eye. This is one of the hottest fall beauty trends since it is a muted-down version of last year's smoky eye painted with a pretty pink lip. The secret to getting this look is a flawless, airbrushed finish to the skin and tons of mascara to open up the eyes. Just like with the traditional smoky eye, line your upper and lower lids with a brown eyeliner. Using your finger, smudge the liner over your lids and apply a medium brown to dark chocolate eyeshadow and blend in all over your eyelid. Blend a lighter shadow from the crease of your eye to the lash line so the two colors blend together. Finish off the look by applying two coats of a volumizing macara. The pink lip is the star in this look since pink is the new red this season. This look is great since the eyes are monochrome and the lips are bright. Choose a sheer lipstick with lots of shine.

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