Revive Limp Curls With Tweek

By Aniela / September 23, 2008

Wanna know how to revive limp curls? Tweek's got the answer! If you're a girl with big, bouncy curls you're lucky! My hair is pin straight and very fine, so anyone with a full head of curls is very lucky to me. But then again, those of you with curly hair probably can't stand it! Finally there is a solution out there for limp, tired curls that just won't do their work! You can now revive your curls with a new revolutionary hairspray in a cream form called Tweek from Curly Hair Solutions. The Curly Hair Solutions people were kind enough to send me a bottle of Tweek and although I don't have curly hair, I've tried it myself and also gave some to a friend of mine that does have curly hair. Let me tell you that this cream does wonders!

Revive Limp Curls With Tweek


First off, it smells super nice, so you don't have to worry about weird smells or anything like that. I'd say it has a fresh, citrusy, fruity scent that you won't be able to get enough of! Tweek is designed to rebuild curly hair by repairing flat spots, fixing hat/helmet head and instantly eliminating flyaway hair. The good thing about this product is that it's specifically designed to work with curly hair, since most products are designed for straight hair. All other products out there are mostly targeted towards straight hair, so they actually do they opposite of what they're supossed to do on curly hair.tweek hair

Tweek is also very flexible, non-sticky, non-greasy and water-soluble which gives you curly hair the right amount of care without damaging it. It does not contain any drying alcohol or silicone which can build up on your hair. When I tried the product, it gave my hair a lot of hold and volume without the stickiness, so I absolutely loved it. My curly haired friend loved the product as well too and her curls looked absolutely amazing. The curls looked healthier and bouncier and her hair just looked healthier overall.

This cream is best used on dry hair as a finishing product to scrunch and mold curls back to life. All you need is a small amount to reshape your curls. And since you only use a small amount at a time, Tweek is concentrated so that it can be kept conveniently in purses, travel bags or pretty much anywhere so you can give your hair a makeover wherever you may be!

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