Floral Eyeliner is the Newest Makeup Trend You’ll Be Obsessed With

By Aniela / May 3, 2017

Is floral eyeliner the new flower crown? You betcha! Makeup artists from Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, have taken to the new makeup trend in the past month, and we gotta say – it's absolutely GORGEOUS! Just in time for spring and summer, the floral eyeliner makeup trend will seriously blow your mind and make all your flower girl dreams come true!

As intricate and fancy as the floral eyeliner MAY look, it's actually not that hard to pull off! All you need to do this is some brightly colored liquid eyeliners, tape for guidance, and maybe even a nail dotting tool. As you can see below, not ALL flowers are perfect – think of this as art. Some floral eyeliner looks are more abstract inspired, but still look oh so pretty! Even if you don't have the steadiest of hands, we definitely think you can copy any one of these looks as long you can grab yourself some colorful eyeliners.

We've found that liquid eyeliner works best as it gives you a lot more control, and the colors are obviously a LOT brighter. This look is perfect for summer and we promise that the second you step out of the house, everyone will be asking “omg how'd you do that?!?!”

So without any further ado, let's take a look at the prettiest floral eyeliner looks!

Floral Eyeliner Ideas

#1. White and purple floral eyeliner

floral eyeliner

Source: Pinterest

#2. Vibrant floral eyeliner

floral eyeliner 1

Source: Sephora

#3. A sunny perspective

floral eyeliner 2

Source: YouTube

#4. Simple yet oh-so-cute!

floral eyeliner 3

Source: YouTube

#5. Black and purple flowers

floral eyeliner 4

Source: PopSugar

#6. Beautiful white and lilac flowers

floral eyeliner 5

Source: TimesofIndia

#7. The only makeup trend you'll ever take to a festival!

floral eyeliner 6

Source: Brit

#8. Flower liner

floral eyeliner 7

Source: Illamasqua

#9. Flowers in the field (you'll need some serious art chops for this!)

floral eyeliner

Source: Sunny943

#10. Pretty spring flowers

#11. Looks flowery, but maybe an homage to Christmas?

floral eyeliner 9

Source: TimesofIndia

#12. Red and white flowers

floral eyeliner 10

Source: Pinterest

#13. Is this even real?!?

floral eyeliner 11

Source: YouTube

Simply stunning!

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Floral Eyeliner Ideas

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