How to Apply Bronzer

By Aniela / June 18, 2010

Just beginning to use makeup? We'll show you how to apply bronzer like an expert! Summer is in full swing (well, at least in my neck of the woods) and I wouldn't dare leave the house without some bronzer. Since the sun is super damaging to your skin, and tanning beds are a big no-no, you should get in the habit of either applying a self-tanning lotion or using some bronzer to get a beautiful, golden glow.

How to Apply Bronzer

how to apply bronzer

There are a few rules when it comes to applying bronzer, and the most important one is to applying sparingly. Remember, it's better to apply less bronzer and add it on later than to remove it. So start off with a big, soft blush/bronzing brush and swirl it around your bronzer. Tap off any excess and apply very very lightly. Then, you can keep repeating until you get the desired color.

To get a natural looking glow, you should hit all the spots that the sun would hit such as your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. My favorite trick that I've been using for years and years is one of the simplest tricks, and also gives you a beautiful, natural glow. Take your bronzing brush and contour just above your brows, cheeks, and jaw, making a number 3. This will hit all the natural spots and will also ensure that there are no streaks. And remember, apply in small amounts until you get your perfect color!

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