50+ Gorgeous Pedicure Designs To Fall in Love With

By Aniela / September 18, 2017

Even though summer is almost over, that doesn't mean your pedicure has to be! We've selected a few of our favorite pedicure designs we've seen over the summer, and we know you're going to love them! Whether you're going away to some tropical destination or just lounging around the house, these gorgeous pedicure designs are for sure going to attract some attention! After all…why should nails have ALL the fun? Let's check out some of these awesome nail art designs!

You can replicate any of these toe nail desgins yourself as long as you have a few tools! For the ultimate toe nail art design, make sure you have the following tools:

  • a few different nail polish colors
  • clear top coat
  • a nail design pen or brush
  • nail stamping kit unless you're an artist
  • rhinestones

With all of the above you can create some eye catching designs in no time! But if you'd rather NOT get your hands dirty, head to your nearest nail salon right away and request one of the designs below.

50+ Gorgeous Pedicure Designs You'll Want to Copy ASAP

#1. Connect the Dots Toenails

This toe nail design features a beautiful color combination that's perfect for spring and summer! Connect the dots with red, yellows, blues, and greens for an eye catch pedicure design! This isn't your regular polka dot design!

connect the dots pedicure designs

#2. French Toenails

This gold French toe nail design is simple yet classic and sophisticated all in one!

french manicure pedicure designs

#3. Black and Pink Toenails

This black and pink toe nail design featuring leaves is perfect for the end of summer when fall starts to peek in!

black and pink toenails

#4. Nude Vintage Toenails

These vintage pedicure designs are sure to take you back a few decades, but that doesn't mean they're not still beautiful! A simple, yet elegant design like this is perfect for a wedding.

nude vintage toenails

#5. Pink Toenails

These hot pink toenails get an edge with a flower design on the big toe! Ask your local nail salon to replicate this look or get creative and try it yourself!

pink toenails

#6. Blue Ombre Toenails

These blue ombre toe nails are the perfect accompaniment to a rock concert or a night out. Top off with some rhinestones and you're good to go!

blue ombre toenails

#7. Floral Pedicure

This flower design is beautiful, and although not easy to replicate by yourself, your local nail salon would be more than happy to do so!

floral pedicure

#8. Rhinestone Pedicure

A rhinestone pedicure design is always a gorgeous way to embellish those tootsies! Head to your local dollar store to stock up on fun and unique nail rhinestones.

rhinestone pedicure

#9. Butterfly Toenails

Spring is a time of renewal, and these butterfly nails are just the thing you need! Use a nail stamp to replicate this look or try your artistic hand at it!

butterfly toenails

#10. Grey & Pink

Grey and pink go beautifully together for a simple, yet elegant toe nail design!

pink and gray pedicure designs

#11. Violets

Violet and white are a striking combo, and this particular design has the added bonus of small little rhinestones that really makes this eye catching!

violet floral pedicure designs

#12. Royal Blue

Feel like royalty with this royal blue nail design! Top it off with a rhinestone bow and you'll be the belle of the ball!

royal blue toenails

#13. Pink Flowers Toe Nail Design

Perfect for spring and summer, this floral toenail art design is pretty easy to replicate! Just have a hot pink nail polish and you're good to go!

Pink Flowers Toe Nail Design

#14. Red, Pink, and Purple Pedicure Design

Who says you can't combine red, pink, and purple? This design looks absolutely unreal and worthy of copying!

Red Pink and Purple Toe Nail Design

#15. Mermaid Nail Design

Splish splash all summer long with this adorable mermaid toenail design that's sure to get everyone's attention!

Mermaid Toe Nail Design

#16. Watermelon Design

These perfectly pedicured toes are just what the doctor ordered for a beautiful summer day!

Watermelon Toe Nail Design

#17. Firefly Toe Nails

If you love fireflies, you'll love these firefly toe nails! Aren't they just adorable?!

Firefly Toe Nail Design

#18. Valentine's Day Toe Nail Design

For those celebrating Valentine's Day, this design is right up your alley!

Valentine's Day Toe Nail Design

#19. St. Patrick's Day Design

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style with this adorable design.

St Patrick's Day Toe Nail Design

#20. Green Toe Nails

Green toe nail may sound gross, but as you can see, they're absolutely not! Be sure to choose a bright green nail polish!

Green Toe Nail Design

#21. Coral Nails

For a more subdued nail design, this coral nail polish is just perfect!

Coral Toe Nail Design

#22. Floral

Embrace your inner flower child with these floral nails! Make them as colorful as you like.

Floral Toe Nail Design

#23. Turquoise Toe Nail Design

If you love bright blue colors, you'll love this turquoise nail design!

Turquoise Toe Nail Design

#24. Christmas Nails

Celebrate Christmas the right way with these Christmas nail designs!

Christmas Toe Nail Design2

#25. Beachy Nails

Perfect for a tropical vacation, these beachy nails are a breeze!

Beach Toe Nail Design

#26. Silver Glitter Star Nails

These silver glitter star nails on black nail polish are classy and sophisticated!

Black Star Toe Nail Design

#27. Spring Toe Nails

Spring has sprung with these bright color toe nails!

Spring Toe Nail Design

#28. Rose Nails

These beautiful rose toe nail designs are great for spring, summer, and Valentine's Day!

Roses Toe Nail Design

#29. Colorful Geometric Nails

You'll need a little bit of patience for this design, but it's so totally worth it!

Colorful Geomteric Toe Nail Design

#30. Accent Toe Design

Give your big toe a little love by doing an accent toe! The more glitter, the better!

Accent Toe Nail Design2

#31. Checkered Nails

These checkered toe nails are essentially flawless, wouldn't you say so?

Checkered Toe Nail Design

#32. Silver Glitter Toe Nails

These silver glitter toe nails are truly something to behold! Head to your local nail salon to get these done!

Silver Glitter Toe Nail Design

#33. Pink and Gold

Celebrate your love for pink and gold with this classy toe nail design!

Pink and Gold Toe Nail Design

#34. Stripped Illusion Nail Art

One of our favorite designs, these striped illusion toe nails are simply mesmerizing!

Stripped Illusion Toe Nail Design

#35. British Toe Nail Design

If you love all things British, or perhaps you ARE British, this toe nail art is right up your alley!

British Toe Nail Design

#36. Leaf Design

These naturalistic toe nails are clean, simple, and oh so beautiful!

Leaf Toe Nail Design

#37. Emerald Green Toe Nails

When it comes to a perfect pedicure, this has to take the cake! This beautiful emerald green nail polish is just stunning.

Emerald Green Toe Nail Design

#38. Reflective Glitter Toe Nails

These ultra shiny and sparkly toe nails are giving us New Year's Eve vibes!

Reflective Toe Nail Design

#39. Nautical Design

Nautical nail art is always fun to do, and we especially love this colorful take!

Nautical Toe Nail Design

#40. Pineapple Toe Nail Design

This toe nail design may not be perfect, but it's totally doable! Pick up some white, yellow, and green to recreate this design!

Pineapple Toe Nail Design

#41. Cactus Toe Nails

Cacti are often overlooked, but not this time! Decorate your tootsies with the cutest cacti you've ever seen!

Cactus Toe Nail Design

#42. 4th of July Toe Nails

Celebrate all that is American with this adorable pedicure complete with rhinestones!

4th of July Toe Nail Design

#43. Geometric Design

This crisp geometric design is simple, yet sophisticated.

Geometric Toe Nail Design

#44. Colorful Abstract Design

Use as many nail polish colors as you can for this beautifully abstract design!

Colorful Abstract Toe Nail Design

#45. Cherry Toe Nail Design

If you love cherries, you'll love this design! Perfect for summer pool parties!

Cherry Toe Nail Design

#46. Christmas Plaid Design

Christmas is in the air with this plaid design that's just amazing!

Christmas Toe Nail Design

#47. Neon Pink Toe Nails

These toe nails are bright AF and we absolutely love that about them!

Neon Pink and Rhinestone Toe Nail Design

#48. Purple Toe Nails

While purple toe nails sounds bad, these are NOT!

Purple Toe Nail Design

#49. Floral and Glitter Nails

These classy floral toe nails are perfect for spring and summer!

Floral and Glitter Toe Nail Design

#50. Pink Glitter Toes

For the girly girl, these pink glitter toes are a must-have!

Pink and Glitter Toe Nail Design

#51. Colorful Toe Nails

Throw down every nail polish color you can think of to replicate this nail design!

Colorful Toe Nail Design

#52. Rhinestone Nail Design

For a wow-factor, add little diamonds and rhinestones to any pedicure design!

Rhinestone Toe Nail Design

#53. Accent Toe Nail

These colorful little dots against black nail polish is what makes this design really stand out!

Accent Toe Nail Design

#54. Tropical Toes

Dip your toes in the sand with this tropical toe nail design!

Tropical Toe Nail Design

Images Via: Glaminati

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4 years ago

omg im in looove with the cactus one!!

4 years ago

omg these are all so cute!!especially #45 the cherry design 🙂

4 years ago

I think the spring pedicure designs are super cute!

4 years ago

My favorite is #3…it’s just so classy 🙂

4 years ago

Great list of pedicure designs!!

4 years ago

I really like the connect the dots pedicure design, it’s so cute 🙂

4 years ago

awww this gave me summer flashbacks and I cannot WAIT for summer to come again!!

4 years ago

these are gorgeous! I wish my feet looked this good!!

4 years ago

such cute pedicure designs!!

4 years ago

loving these!!