21 Disney Nail Designs To Fall in Love With

By Aniela / August 10, 2017

We love everything Disney, so when we stumbled upon these Disney nail designs, we freaked! This collection has everything from Elsa to Peter Pan and everything in between to really soothe your Disney nail cravings. Some of these designs are easy to pull off, while others may need a little help from a friend, a salon, or a stamping kit. Let's check out these 21 Disney nail designs.

21 Disney Nail Designs

#1. Eeyore nails

eeyore nails

#2. Little chip nails

little chip nails

#3. Aristocats nails

aristocats nails

#4. 101 Dalmatians nails

101 dalmatians nails

#5. Genie nails

genie nails

#6. Maleficent nails

maleficent nails

#7. Lilo and Stitch nails

lilo and stitch nails

#8. Peter Pan nails

peter pan nails

#9. Alice in Wonderland nails

alice in wonderland nails

#10. Merida Nails

merida nails

#11. Elsa Nails

elsa nails

#12. Repunzel Nails

rapunzel nails

#13. Tiana Nails

tiana nails

#14. Mulan Nails

mulan nails

#15. Belle Nails

belle nails

#16. Snow White Nails

snow white nails

#17. Princess Aurora Nails

princess aurora nails

#18. Little Mermaid Nails

little mermaid nails

#19. Cinderella nails

cinderella nails

#20. Jasmine nails

jasmine nails

#21. Pocahontas nails

disney nail designs

Images Via: Playbuzz

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