10 Hottest Nail Colors to Rock This Fall

By Aniela / September 12, 2014

Today we'll take a quick sneak peak at this fall's 10 hottest nails colors. Not sure which nail polish colors to pick up for this season? Well you're in luck! We've compiled 10 of the most popular hues we've seen not only on the 2014-2015 fall/winter runways, but also on celebrities. Ready, set, paint!

We're seeing a lot of subdued hues for this fall such as burgundy, soft blues, and muted reds. Think of the beautiful burnt foliage as this season's nail colors and there you have it! Choose from beautiful soft blues, deep browns, dark and muted reds, midnight blues, soft peaches, burgundies, nudes, and soft pinks.

These colors are great because they'll flatter any nail shape and/or length and will look amazing for any occasion. Opt for the dark blues and burgundies at night, and go for the lighter, more muted shades during the day.

10 Hottest Nail Colors to Rock This Fall

#1. Soft Blues

blue orchid

#2. Coco Suede

coco suede


#3. Dark Reds

dark red


#4. Deep, Burnt Purples

deep burnt purple


#5. Dusty Teal

dusty teal


#6. Midnight Blues

midnight blue


#7. Pink Nude

neutral nude with a pink shade


#8. Gray Nude

nude gray


#9. Toasted Sugar

nude toasted sugar


#10. Deep, Rich Red

rich deep red


There you have it! The 10 hottest nail colors for this fall. If you enjoyed this post, click the button below and share with your friends on Facebook 🙂

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